Ruthar princedom

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Ruthar princedom
Alethkar Color.jpg
Ruler Highprince Ruthar
Occupied by Singers
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

The Ruthar princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms in Alethkar. Their house colors are red & blue.[1][2] The Ruthar princedom has one Shardblade, owned by Highlord Ruthar.[3]


It is located on the western border with Jah Keved of Alethkar; borders the princedoms of Vamah and Aladar to the north, and Kholin to the east. The Sunmaker Mountains lie on the southern border with Thanadal and Hatham. The settlement of Kelathar is located near a tributary of the Windrunner River north of the Sunmaker Mountains. Danidan is located in the north-eastern region close to the border with the Kholin princedom.[4]



Ruthar princedom was one of the ten princedoms reunited into a single country under Gavilar Kholin and was allied with Gavilar during this time. The Ruthar army participated in the battle with Kalanor's forces in 1145, helping Gavilar defeat the other Highprince and ending the war for unification.

It was during this battle that Highprince Ruthar came into possession of the Shardplate and Shardblade that later belonged to Relis Ruthar.[5] A second set of Plate was owned by this princedom and belonged to Elit Ruthar - both sets of Plate and Relis' Shardblades were surrendered to Adolin Kholin after he defeated Elit and Relis in a duel.[6]


Brightlord Ruthar is the current Highprince of this princedom. He is a close ally of Torol Sadeas and Aladar.

After the death of King Gavilar Kholin in 1167, Highprince Ruthar calls to arms the people of his kingdom to fulfil the Vengeance Pact.

Current Citizens[edit]


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