Aladar princedom

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Aladar princedom
Ruler Highprince Aladar
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
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Aladar princedom is one of the ten princedoms that form Alethkar.[1] Their colors are black and maroon.[2] Their symbol is a chull.[3]


It is one of the most northerly princedoms, sitting on the Bay of Elibath. It is bordered by the princedoms of Roion to the east, Sadeas to the west, Vamah, Ruthar, and Kholin to the south. The Windrunner River forms the west and south borders. Dalilak lies on the coast of Aladar.[1]


After the advent of the Everstorm, Kaladin left the Shattered Plains flying toward his family in Hearthstone, but he ran out of Stormlight somewhere in Aladar princedom and was forced to travel the final ninety miles by foot.[4] During the initial months of the True Desolation, the princedom was occupied by singer forces.[5]



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