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Region Sadeas princedom
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Hornhollow is a village in Sadeas princedom close to Hearthstone. It is part of the Akanny region - a prized farming area that supplies grain, meat and other provisions for large portions of Alethkar.[1] Hornhollow would be considered a fairly large town by the local standards and has a small militia.[1] It resides on the Highprince's lands and the surrounding area is worked by high ranking darkeyes.[1]

The village lies in a depression, protected from the Highstorm by a large hill to the east.[1] Within the town are approximately two dozen structures, including two storm sanctuaries that can be used by passing travellers to shelter from the storms. There are also many structures nearby that don't reside within the village proper.[1] In the centre of the town is a cistern used to collect and filter rainwater.[1]


Kaladin visited the town after leaving Hearthstone and discovered that one of the village's grain stores had been attacked by the runaway singers. The villagers had been expecting Kaladin and were prepared for his arrival, hoping for information and the chance to increase their riches. The Brightlord of the town was disappointed when he was unable to trade two dun chips for one full of stormlight as some of the previous villages had been able too.[1]

One of the village ardents estimated that the town's grain supplies were attacked by approximately fifty singers, who left very little behind. The amount of grain lost should have been able to sustain the village through until the next harvest.[1] The villagers reported seeing a number of strange red lights, but were unsure as to whether these lights were coming from the singer's eyes or from another source.[1] The village trapper, reported to Kaladin that the group of singers had been heading towards Kholinar after they left Hornhollow.


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