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Abilities Splinter of Odium
Titles Black Fisher
Groups Unmade
Species Spren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Let me no longer hurt! Let me no longer weep! Dai-Gonarthis! The Black Fisher holds my sorrow and consumes it!

Tanatesach 1173, 28 seconds pre-death. A darkeyed female street juggler. Note similarity to sample 1172-89.[1]

Dai-Gonarthis is believed to be one of the Unmade,[2] an ancient and terrible spren of Odium.[3] They also seem to be known as the Black Fisher.[1]

Hessi posits in Mythica that Dai-Gonarthis may have been involved in the scouring of Aimia, although she's unsure of the specifics. She also expresses uncertainty that they are one of the Unmade at all.[2] However, it seems likely that Dai-Gonarthis is truly the final Unmade, as Jezrien, in the guise of Ahu, refers to the Black Fisher together with two other Unmade—Re-Shephir and Moelach—during one of his conversations with Dalinar Kholin.[4] Additionally, the name Dai-Gonarthis is used in a Death Rattle collected by the Silent Gatherers in a manner similar to Death Rattles about the Unmade Re-Shephir and Yelig-nar.[1][5][6]


  • The name Dai-Gonarthis is most likely derived from Dagon, an ancient Canaanite deity later reimagined as a Lovecraftian sea god.[7]


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