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Danlan Morakotha
Parents Brightlord Morakotha
Titles Brightness
Profession Clerk & Scribe
Groups Diagram
Nationality Alethi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Brightness Danlan Morakotha is an Alethi woman who courted Adolin Kholin on the Shattered Plains of Roshar during the War of Reckoning.[1] She is a member of the Diagram.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Danlan is extremely pretty. She has a graceful figure with a long neck, and her hair has more foreign auburn stripes than black Alethi stripes.[3] She wears a sleek dress that covers her safehand and an ornate braided hairstyle with steel hair spikes.[4] Her voice is soft, with a breathy and husky tone.[1][3]

Danlan is an extremely intelligent woman,[4] but she often acts less clever than she really is in an attempt at humility, and is annoyed when Adolin points it out.[3] She is polite and seems well-versed in the traditions of Alethi nobility.[4] Danlan is also quite fond of avramelons[4] and enjoys drinking wine, often coordinating her wine color with her outfit. She is seen drinking violet wine, the strongest available.[3][5]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Danlan is presumably of noble birth; she worked with Elhokar's scribes in Kholinar[2] and Adolin had no misgivings about courting her.[1] She is familiar with the use of a spanreed and is able to read and write in women's script.[4]

She is well informed on the politics among the highprinces and was able to avidly discuss Torol Sadeas's motivations in his interactions with Dalinar Kholin and whether or not Dalinar should step down as highprince due to his visions. She felt that Dalinar's enforcement of the Alethi Codes of War was too restrictive on the men in the warcamps.[3]

Danlan joined the secret organization known as the Diagram under unknown circumstances. She was considered a middling member of the group before it was disbanded.[6]


Before traveling to the Shattered Plains, Danlan spent three years in Kholinar helping the scribes sort through the mess Elhokar had made of the royal codes.[2]

Courting Adolin[edit]

Danlan traveled to the Shattered Plains to spend a few months with her father, Brightlord Morakotha. The day after her arrival, she was already calling on Adolin. He arranged for her to become one of his father's clerks, participating in his spanreed calls and serving as a scribe. She was therefore immediately privy to some of Dalinar's confidential conversations; she was controlling the spanreed when Jasnah called to ask Dalinar about the time he met the Parshendi and show him a drawing of a "Voidbringer".[1]

Danlan met with Navani, who liked her and was impressed her with her intelligence; she encouraged Adolin to pursue her.[4] Adolin took her to an Outer Market wineshop before one of his duels. Danlan participated in the conversation with Jakamav, Inkima, Toral and Eshava, and she tended to stay on the topic of politics.[3]

Although Adolin did not know Danlan well, he was attracted to her and was committed to making their courtship last longer than his typical brief relationships.[3] However, some months later Adolin was surprisingly the one to break off their courtship, due to some inappropriate things Danlan had told her friends, likely related to some flirting by Adolin.[7][8] The breakup was not amicable, and involved Danlan cursing at Adolin. She remained as one of Dalinar's scribes, and whenever she ran into Adolin she glared at him.[7]

Graves's Conspiracy[edit]

As a member of the Diagram, she was part of Graves's plot to kill Elhokar and replace him with Dalinar; she was present when Moash brought Kaladin to meet with Graves and several co-conspirators. Her personal experience with Elhokar's lax approach to lawmaking led her to believe that he was incompetent. She fervently believed that Dalinar would be a better king, and wanted to force the issue before Elhokar did further damage to the kingdom.[2]

Danlan was not with Graves or Moash during the final assassination attempt[9][10][11] nor when they fled the Shattered Plains.[12][13]

Disbanding of the Diagram[edit]

When Taravangian disbanded the Diagram prior to the betrayal of the coalition of monarchs in Emul, he recommended that middling members who "knew too much" should not be released back into the general population and should instead be sent on long "secret quests" to distant locations. He specifically recommended that Danlan be assigned such a task.[6]


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