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Tu Bayla

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Tu Bayla
Locator TuBayla.png
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Tu Bayla is a nation on Roshar.[1]

Ru Parat and Fu Namir are cities in the region. It borders Jah Keved to the east, the Reshi Sea to the north, a mountain range to the south, and shares land borders with Yulay and Marabethia to the west, as well as forming the eastern coast of the Purelake. It seems to have at least one river that runs into the Purelake and another that runs into the Reshi Sea, and may also claim some of the Reshi isles close to its coast.[1] It is formed from parts of the Silver Kingdoms of Sela Tales and Valhav.[2]

Its people are nomadic.[3] Tyn grew up there.[4] Urithiru lays in the mountain ranges to the south of Tu Bayla.[5]

When Yanagawn commented on the similarities between Gavilar and the Sunmaker he refers to the Alethi as being organized in tribes, and Dalinar retorts that the Alethi aren't the same as the nomads that live in Tu Bayla.[3] Before the Battle of Thaylen Field, the Urithiru coalition contemplate invading Tu Bayla to counter possible invasions into Jah Keved, which threatened to split the coalition's territory in two.[6]


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