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Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
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Wayfarer is an underground city beneath Bilming within the Elendel Basin on Scadrial. It was originally crafted by the Set in order to house the Community.[1][2] The inhabitants of Wayfarer were told that the outside world had grown inhospitable following the eruption of the Ashmounts, this however was a lie devised by the Set to try and control the local population.[2] In total the operation had lasted five years before the citizens realized the truth, with the assistance of Constable Marasi Colms.[1][2] As part of the effort to control the citizenship all metal was removed from the town.[2]

Although originally intended to only serve for the Community project the town was later modified by Gave Entrone and Telsin Ladrian to serve as a bunker for loyalists of the Set in the event that Autonomy decided to begin their invasion of Scadrial using their Men of gold and red.[2]

Notable Citizens[edit]


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