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Siblings Iyatil
Abilities Worldhopper
Groups Ghostbloods
Ethnicity Southern Scadrian
Homeworld Silverlight
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Lost Metal

Dlavil is a member of the Ghostbloods, working on Scadrial in the city of Elendel. He is from Silverlight, but is of Southern Scadrian descent. He wears an intricate and fierce-looking Southern Scadrian mask, which he never takes off. It has grown in to the point where it's nearly a part of his skin. He is a brother to Iyatil.[1]


She knows our secrets. She knows this base. She saw what you and Moonlight can do. She glimpsed the maps, the powers, the knowledge. She is dangerous to us now.

—Dlavil to TwinSoul[1]

Dlavil was stationed in Elendel, and likely helped with the city's evacuation when it was threatened by Autonomy's agents, per Kelsier's orders.[2] Ten hours after the Set's bomb detonated, Dlavil was inside the Ghostbloods' Elendel safehouse with Kelsier and several other Ghostbloods. When Marasi Colms refused Kelsier's offer to join their ranks, Dlavil advocated for silencing her. He argued that she knew too much to be left to her own devices, but TwinSoul and Kelsier disagreed. Kelsier ordered Dlavil to not act against Marasi or anyone else in Elendel without his order.[1]


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