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Abilities Aetherbound, Worldhopper
Bonded With Silajana
Titles Grand Aetherbound of the twelve kingdoms, Raj of the Coriander Court[1]
Aliases TwinSoul[2], Shri Prasanva[3], Pras[4]
Groups Ghostbloods
Homeworld Dhatri
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Lost Metal
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Sanvith Prasanva Maahik va Sila, more commonly known as Shri Prasanva or simply Prasanva, and operating under the alias TwinSoul as a member of the Ghostbloods,[1][3][2] is an aetherbound of Silajana.[4]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He appears as an octogenarian man with liver-spotted deep tan skin, and he wears a short white beard with long mustaches.[5][2]

He is a kindly man who remains so even to those who reject his offers, such as remaining amicable with Marasi Colms after she turns down his offer to join the Ghostbloods and letting her leave unharmed despite what she has learned about them.[6]

He worships the aethers, giving his worship to Silajana in particular, seeing him (and all the aethers) as being equals to Adonalsium, predating them.[4] He will openly preach his faith to others, which even requires that he give his enemies a chance to repent before fighting them.[1]

Attributes & Abilities[edit]

As an aetherbound, Prasanva can use roseite to create constructs. He has used it to make spectacles, a pen (which he needs separate ink for), a three-dimensional map, several simple items, and a twelve-foot tall suit of armor while being fueled by purified Dor.[2][1] He cannot use it to make guns, as he doesn't understand their mechanics.[4] On planets without certain fields of Investiture, like Scadrial, he can only make constructs that connect to him; if contact is broken, the construct crumbles to a fine powder, and then vanishes into mist.[4][5] Forming the constructs also takes water from his body.[4]


Prasanva encased in roseite armor.

He once lived on Dhatri, where he bonded to the Aether Silajana. He was apparently in a high position of authority, being the Raj of the Coriander Court and Grand aetherbound of the twelve kingdoms, though what exactly this entails is not yet known.[1]

At some point, the planet was struck by a entity known as the dark aether, and he was sent into exile by Silajana for his safety.[4] He eventually joined the Ghostbloods in an attempt to gather allies and resources to help fight against the dark aether and save his people.[7]

He was involved with the fight against the Set and Trell on Scadrial, working alongside Kelsier, Wan ShaiLu, Kaise, Dlavil, and eventually Marasi Colms. He helped Shai and Marasi infiltrate the Set headquarters and find the Community; he also helped kidnapped people (who were being used as test subjects) escape the headquarters, protecting them from attacking Set members along the way.[1]

After the disappearance of Moonlight and the defeat of the Set, he offered to induct Marasi into the Ghostbloods, and to act as her mentor. Marasi turned down his offer to join but still offered her help to find the missing Moonlight; it is unknown whether he accepted her help.[6]



He worships Silajana, seeing him as a god that predates even Adonalsium, and exists outside of its power.[4]


Prasavana, at the very minimum, has a working-level relationship with all members of the Scadrial Ghostbloods members, which includes Kelsier, Moonlight, Kaise, and Dlavil.[2][6] He treats both Kaise and Shai with kindness, and desires to track down Shai after her transformation, and return her to her normal personality.[6]


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