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Alonoe by LittleGreyDragon.png
Abilities Elantrian, Worldhopper
Groups Ire
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Alonoe is a member of the Ire,[1] a group of Elantrians from Sel[2] that have taken up residence in the Cognitive Realm.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Like many of the other members of the Ire, Alonoe is incredibly old.[4] She has silvery skin that glows faintly, typical of Elantrians.[5][1] Although aging works differently in the Cognitive Realm,[6] she is wizened, bald, and has puckered lips.[1] Kelsier describes her as a "dried up" ancient creature that is not immediately recognizable as human.[1] As a member of the Ire, she wears a traditional hooded white robe with silver embroidery.[1] Her robe has thicker bands of silver than those of her colleagues.[1] She is imperious and appears to be an authority figure within the Ire.[7]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

As an Elantrian, Alonoe would presumably have the power to use AonDor on Sel. However, Selish magic is known to function poorly off-world[8] and although Alonoe and the rest of the Ire remain Elantrians in their current location, they are not able to access the Dor.[9] Alonoe is also a worldhopper since she was able to travel to the Cognitive Realm and move between planetary systems.[1] She appears to be an overbearing but effective leader, as she is able to keep the Ire focused on the plan to acquire the power of a Shard.[7] Her plan may have been successful had Kelsier not interfered, although she was not fully prepared for the ramifications of ascension.[10]


The Ire is an extremely old organization[2] and Alonoe's physical appearance and her authority within the Ire imply that she has been a member for a very long time. At some point, the Ire constructed a fortress on the edge of Scadrial's Cognitive Realm.[3] The members of the Ire were not on Sel when the Reod occurred,[11] but they were affected by it in some way.[12]

Alonoe is present in the Ire's fortress when Kelsier finds and attempts to investigate it.[1] When one of the Ire's guardsmen spots Kelsier, he and the guard captain report the incident to Alonoe, whom they salute and address as "ancient one".[1] Alonoe has been wary of intrusions by shades from Threnody, and assumes that Kelsier is one of them.[1] She instructs the guard captain to turn on a special device that contains a large yellow gemstone, hoping to detect any Threnodites nearby.[1] Although the device does not detect Kelsier since he is Scadrian, she tells the guards and the rest of the Ire that they need to stay alert.[1]

The Ire discuss their plan to seize the power of Preservation when its Vessel, Leras, dies.[1] Alonoe is concerned about Ruin, but she will not let him deter the plan.[1] Kelsier is irritated by Alonoe's ambition, partly because he has befriended Leras (whom he calls "Fuzz").[1] He discovers the key to the Ire's plan, a magical orb that can provide the Connection necessary for someone to ascend as Preservation.[1] They plan to use wards to prevent Ruin from noticing the device.[7] Kelsier decides to thwart the Ire by stealing the orb.[1]

About a week later, Alonoe leads an expedition of five members of the Ire and fifteen guards who ride from the keep on horseback, intending to take control of Preservation.[7] Although four of the Ire members carry decoy orbs, Kelsier correctly guesses that Alonoe would not allow the real orb to leave her possession.[7] He begins to sow seeds of chaos, pretending to be Ruin and whispering disturbing things into Alonoe's ears.[7] Alonoe is determined to persevere, but Kelsier's antics prevent the group from sleeping, leading to confusion and infighting.[7] When the expedition approaches a jungle, Kelsier seizes the opportunity to scare the group's horses and isolate Alonoe amidst the vegetation.[7] Using one of Alonoe's robes that he stole from the fortress, he tricks the rest of the group into thinking that she has disintegrated, scaring them away.[7] He then doubles back to confront a terrified Alonoe, who believes he is Ruin and gives up the orb.[7] Alonoe even offers to serve Ruin, but Kelsier dismisses her, forcing her to walk to find her companions.[7]


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