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Hoid and Frost by Jenny Slife.jpg
by Jenny Slife
Species Dragon (cosmere)
World Yolen
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Frost is a dragon from Yolen.[1] He is the recipient of the First Letter and the author of the Second Letter.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Frost has only appeared in written correspondence and specific details of his appearance are therefore unknown. Frost presumably has the powerful shapeshifting abilities common to his race,[3] giving him the ability to significantly alter his appearance. It is likely that he his usual appearance is reptilian in nature.[2]

Our interference so far has brought nothing but pain. My path has been chosen very deliberately.
—Frost's letter to Hoid[4]

Frost has lived through significant events in the cosmere and has adopted a non-interference policy.[5] In his letter, he is shown to be sarcastic and insulting towards Hoid,[6][7] although it is clear that their personal relationship is complicated.[8]


by Botanicaxu
With Hoid

Frost is the oldest known character in the cosmere, even older than Hoid.[9] In his correspondence with Hoid, Frost exhibits personal knowledge of a number of the original sixteen Vessels who perpetrated the Shattering of Adonalsium on Yolen and took up the power of the Shards.[10][11] Specifically, Frost and Hoid mention Rayse, Bavadin, Aona, Skai, Ati, and Tanavast by name, and Frost references "the sixteen".[12]

In Hoid's initial letter to Frost, it seems that the two have not spoken in some time; Hoid is not sure if Frost is fully aware of the Splintering of Devotion and Dominion on Sel[13] even though it has been several millenia since that occurred.[12] Hoid begs Frost for his support, implying that Frost still has clout in the cosmere.[14] Frost rebuffs Hoid, emphasizing his nonintervention policy, and refers to their past actions as having caused more harm than good.[4] Although Frost seems to agree with Hoid's assessment that Odium is dangerous,[15] he does not understand Hoid's level of concern[16] since Odium is trapped in the Rosharan system.[17] The two are diametrically opposed on the best way to save the cosmere, and Frost entreats Hoid to abandon his quest to avoid making things worse with his meddling.[18]

Frost still lives on Yolen during the events of The Stormlight Archive.[1] He and Hoid exchange letters through an interplanetary "postal service".[19]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

by Botanicaxu
With Hoid

Frost is functionally immortal, meaning that he does not age, but he can be killed.[20] His long life is due to his race.[21] Dragons are also known to have the abilities of flight[22] and shapeshifting (including the ability to appear human).[23]

Please, hearken to my plea. Leave that place and join me in my oath of nonintervention. The cosmere itself may depend upon our restraint.
—Frost's letter to Hoid[7][24]

He is not a Worldhopper, but he is still highly knowledgeable about the cosmere.[25] He is associated with the Seventeenth Shard,[26] a group that shares his nonintervention policy.[27] He is able to keep track of current events in the cosmere through the Seventeenth Shard, correspondence, or other means. He is aware that Hoid possesses a bead of lerasium from Scadrial,[28][29] that Odium is trapped in the Rosharan system,[17] and that a gemstone of Hoid's (presumably the First Gem) is "dead".[18]


  • It is likely that there are characters older than Frost in the cosmere, but they have not been canonized.[30]
  • Frost first appeared in the unpublished novel Dragonsteel Prime, some of which can be read on Brandon's website.[31] A series of Dragonsteel novels are still in Brandon's long-term plans for the cosmere, and would likely include Frost.[32]
  • If Frost has a gender, it has not been confirmed in canon, but male pronouns are used in Dragonsteel Prime.


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