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Died 1022 FE, killed by Kelsier
Abilities Hemalurgist
Species Steel Inquisitor
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Bendal was a Steel Inquisitor near the end of the Final Empire.

He swore that Tevidian had fathered a half-breed child, and hunted Vin's half-brother, Reen, to get him to admit it. Reen died promising Vin had starved to death long ago, but Bendal remained convinced one was out there.[1]

After Vin Soothed Prelan Laird for Camon and his crew, Bendal hunted her, to eventually bring the evidence against Tevidian. However, Vin escaped the Canton of Finance Headquarters because Kelsier threw Bendal off Vin's trail.[2][3]

Bendal was the lead Inquisitor who stopped Kelsier and Vin during their infiltration of Kredik Shaw.[4][5]

Bendal eventually fought Kelsier at fountain square and was decapitated.[6]


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