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Profession High Prelan
Ethnicity Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Mistborn: The Final Empire

High Prelan Arriev is an obligator of the Canton of Finance on Scadrial during the Final Empire.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He wears gray robes and has a shaved, triangular head. He has exceptionally intricate tattoos around his eyes that extend back to his ears and onto his forehead, signifying his high rank among obligators.[1] Unlike most obligators, he does not look like a bureaucrat and is lean and muscular.[1] He is both confident and cunning, and his appearance combines with his personality to make him seem menacing.[1][2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Kelsier mentions that all obligators are trained to detect emotional Allomancy, but Arriev is presumably highly skilled in this ability since he stepped in to negotiate with Camon and Vin after they had already aroused suspicion.[1]


When Camon posed as "Lord Jedue" in an attempt to scam the Steel Ministry with a fake transportation deal, he initially negotiated with Prelan Laird.[3] After the Ministry turned him down, Camon offered an even better deal that Laird decided to consider after Vin Soothed him.[3] Camon later visited the Canton of Finance building accompanied by Vin and some of his other crew members, expecting to close the deal with Laird.[1] However, Arriev met with them instead, claiming that Laird was unavailable. Arriev mentioned that he did not usually meet with potential vendors, and that he was a member of the board that reviewed Camon's false deal.[1] Vin and Camon became extremely nervous, as Arriev was clearly more powerful and savvy than Laird. Vin had a bad feeling about the situation, especially after Arriev asked several pointed questions. She did not want to use her Allomancy, but her worry that Arriev would turn them over to the Canton of Inquisition prompted her to use her abilities anyway. Arriev immediately became more pleasant and closed the deal with Camon, paying him three thousand boxings.[1]

After the meeting, Vin felt like the interaction had been too easy.[2] Kelsier and Dockson were observing Camon, and saw Arriev exit the bulding with a Steel Inquisitor after the deal was closed.[1] They realized that the Ministry had already been suspicious of Camon and Vin, which is why Arriev was brought into negotiate; he was skilled at detecting emotional Allomancy.[1] Arriev had feigned his suddenly pleasant demeanor, and had assumed that the Inquisitor would be able to retrieve the money given to Camon. Arriev and the Inquisitor conferred before heading in the direction that Camon's crew had gone; two other obligator spies were assigned to track Camon and Vin to their safehouse.[1] Kelsier and Dockson intervened, diverting the Inquisitor and killing the two spies.[2] Arriev's fate is not known.

Vin's experience with Arriev caused her to avoid obligators as much as possible.[4]


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