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Camon by Egilde Art.jpeg
Died c 1022 FE[1]
Groups Camon's crew
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Camon is a skaa from Luthadel on Scadrial.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Camon was stout,[2] with stubby fingers, a pudgy face, and a tendency to drink. He is described as extremely arrogant. He is also tyrannical, though this is more likely due to the nature of the skaa underground rather than his own personality. He leads a prominent thieving crew in Luthadel.[expand] He is likely aware of Vin's ability to use Allomancy, although it is unknown whether he knew she was Mistborn or he just believed her to be a Soother.


He was the leader of the thief crew that Vin worked with. He organized a theft on the Canton of Finance with Theron, the leader of another thief crew. However, after performing his part in the scam and recieving a three-thousand-boxing advance payment, he decides to run off with the money, ruining Theron's career permanently. When Vin used Allomancy on an obligator in the Canton of Finance, an Inquisitor was set on his trail.[2] As punishment for his cruelty to Vin, he is ousted by Kelsier and becomes a beggar.[3]. He is later killed by an Inquisitor to send a warning to Kelsier's crew.[1]


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