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The Canton of Finance was a canton of the Steel Ministry on Scadrial during the Final Empire.

It was in charged of the financial operations of the Final Empire. Their work included the transport of funds. The majority of atium mined at Pits of Hathsin was transported along with the coins, in order to hide them from Ruin's view.[citation needed]

The Canton's headquarters was an imposing building. It was tall and blocky with a massive rose window in the front, with two red banners hanging down beside the window, proclaiming praises to the Lord Ruler. Upon entering the building, one would find a desk at the end of an extended entryway, with an obligator manning the desk. Decorations within the building were sparse and lacking. It was often described as austere, bearing only the most necessary furniture and simple grey carpeting, the walls also lacking adornments.

An exception to that rule was the waiting room. With plush chairs and lavish décor, the room clearly catered to the tastes of visiting noblemen.[1]

Notable Members[edit]

High Prelan Arriev
An extremely high ranking obligator within the Canton of Finance, with tattoos extended all the way back to his ears and up over his forehead. After Vin used emotional Allomancy on him, he set Bendal on her tail.[1]
Prelan Laird
Relatively high ranking obligator. Originally dealt with Camon's crew. Vin used emotional Allomancy on him and so was first found out.[2]


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