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Dominance Western Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Tremredare is a large city in the Western Dominance of the Final Empire. It is one of Scadrial's major cultural centers before the Collapse.[1]

It is located in the southwest portion of the Dominance, west of Morag and near the base of a mountain range.[2] A river or canal connects Tremredare to Lake Tyrian via Chardees and Fadrex City. Another arm of the same waterway connects to the River Channerel.[3]

Tremredare served as the capital of the Western Dominance until Ashweather Cett seized power in the area and moved the capital to Fadrex City since it was smaller and more defensible.[1]

It is unclear if anything remains in Tremredare's former location after the Catacendre.[4]


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