River Channerel

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River Channerel
Type River
Region Central Dominance
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The River Channerel is one of the main rivers in the Final Empire.[1]

It flows from mountains in the east, providing the border of the Northern and Eastern Dominances, where it then goes into Lake Luthadel. From there, it runs directly through Luthadel[2], and continues down into the Southern Dominance, all the way into the sea.

In Luthadel it passes under six bridges, including the Old Wall Bridge in the north and Southbridge. A number of tributaries and canals flow into the river in the city and there are some docks and piers both in the center of the city near Kredik Shaw and closer to the city walls so boats can stop before going under bridges.

The residents of Luthadel used the river to dispose of waste, especially the ash collected by skaa.[3][4]

The Luth-Davn Canal flows into the western bank of the river.[5]


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