Black Frayn

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Black Frayn
Type Drug
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Black Frayn is an herbal stimulant used during the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1]


Black Frayn is a described as a "nasty drug" due to its addictive nature. It can be taken orally by ingesting its leaves.[1] The drug makes one feels stronger and more alert, and can awaken someone rapidly.[1][2] It also makes the body feel warm, warming the blood as if one was burning an Allomantic metal.[2]


Straff Venture's former mistress Amaranta serves as his herbalist; she is secretly working with Zane and administers Black Frayn to Straff over time, making him believe that he is being poisoned each time he experiences withdrawal symptoms.[3] When Amaranta believes that Straff has driven Zane from his warcamp, she plans to withhold the drug and kill Straff as payback for his prior abandonment and for taking Zane away from her.[3] Straff manages to summon his last bit of strength to kill Amaranta and ingest a variety of drugs, hoping that one of them will save his life.[3] After waking up three days later,[4] Straff eventually figures out that Black Frayn is the substance that he is addicted to.[1] He believes that he can slowly wean himself off the drug,[1] although he admits there are benefits to taking it.[2]


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