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Dominance Central Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn: The Final Empire

Holstep was a town in the Final Empire on Scadrial.


It was about an hour north of the Luth-Davn Canal, and by canal a two-week journey from Luthadel to the north.[1] It is near the Arguois caverns.[2] Valtroux is about three days march from Holstep.[2]


At Yeden's command, a portion of the skaa rebellion camped in the Arguois caverns attacked the Holstep Garrison at night. About two thousand of the skaa (including Demoux) declined to join the attack, believing it to be a strategic mistake. Yeden led the remaining five thousand skaa to victory over the much smaller Holstep force of about one thousand, although the fight was more difficult than he had expected.[2]

During the battle, a messenger managed to flee Holstep and reach the nearby city of Valtroux, which immediately sent its garrison of five thousand soldiers. The Lord Ruler learned of the size of the rebel force and also deployed the Luthadel Garrison, although they would take more time to reach Holstep.[1] Ham learned of these events from Sertes and warned Kelsier, but it was too late for him to help.[1] Although the remaining skaa army managed to put up a fight, they were drained from the previous battle and the well-trained Valtroux Garrison overwhelmed them.[2][3] The Valtroux Garrison took no prisoners, and the heads of Yeden and other officers were put on spears by the road, presumably as a warning to other rebellious skaa.[2] After the Luthadel Garrison arrived, they relieved the Valtroux troops and hunted down any remaining rebels.[3] The only skaa survivors were the group that remained in the caverns.[2]

The battle at Holstep was a serious setback for Kelsier's plans to overthrow the Lord Ruler. He blamed himself for the defeat, and believed that his own enthusiasm and the promise of help from Allomancers were the source of Yeden's overconfidence.[2]


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