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Dominance Central Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Final Empire

Valtroux, also referred to as Valtroux City, was a city in the Central Dominance of the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1]


It was at least two days riding to the north from Luthadel, and a three days' march from Holstep and the Arguois caverns.[2]


After Yeden was put in charge of the skaa rebellion's small army, he commanded them to attack Holstep, hoping that his men would gain some experience in a relatively easy fight.[2] The skaa force numbered seven thousand, while Holstep's garrison only had about a thousand soldiers.[1][1] About two thousand of the skaa (including Demoux) did not participate in the attack, believing that Yeden was acting rashly and would expose the army's position.[2] Still, Yeden and five thousand rebels defeat the Holstep Garrison, although the fight proved more difficult than Yeden anticipated.[2] However, the Holstep Garrison managed to send a messenger to nearby Valtroux City.[2] Valtroux's Garrison numbered five thousand, and immediately marched to Holstep.[1]

News of the Holstep battle reached Luthadel, and Kelsier and his crew learned of Yeden's foolhardy actions.[2] Kelsier set out with Vin to help the skaa, but by the time they arrived, the Valtroux Garrison had slaughtered the rebels.[2] The Valtroux force was on order to take no prisoners, and put the heads of Yeden and several other officers on spears next to a road.[2] The only survivors were Demoux's group, who had concealed themselves.[2]

The skaa force was better prepared than other rebellions in the past and managed to put up a decent fight,[3] but they were not yet ready to face a fully trained garrison of equal size,[1] particularly since the battle with the Holstep Garrison had just concluded.[2] The brutality of the Valtroux Garrison was presumably meant to quash the skaa rebellion, as the Lord Ruler was aware of the situation[1] and had massacred rebellious skaa in previous incidents such as Tougier.[4] Kelsier blamed himself for the defeat, and believed that his own enthusiasm and the promise of help from Allomancers were the source of Yeden's overconfidence.[2]

Shortly after the battle, the Luthadel Garrison arrived to relieve the Valtroux troops and continued to search for remaining skaa rebels who fled the battle.[3]


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