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Died 1022 FE
Groups Kelsier's crew, Skaa rebellion
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Yeden... well, he was the type who was too easily impressed--both by you and the reputation you left for him.

Yeden is a skaa from the Final Empire on Scadrial.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Yeden is short, gangly, and has curly brown hair.[2][3] He was the leader of the Skaa Rebellion. He does not like skaa thieves and skaa who work for The Lord Ruler, especially ones that work for their own profit. He was originally timid, but later became more confident and civil.[4] He is also earnest.[3] Originally, he dressed like a skaa worker, with ash--covered clothes and a soot--stained face. He later dressed more like Kelsier: wearing a suit that didn't have soot on it.[4] Yeden is also likely married[5], but stays away to protect his family.[6]


Before Visiting the Skaa Rebellion[edit]

Yeden contracted Kelsier's crew to provide an army to capture Luthadel, overthrow The Final Empire, and capture The Lord Ruler. He was accepted into Kelsier's crew. Yeden did not like Kelsier's crew, and only worked with them because of their reputation. [2]

You're selfish, undisciplined, and you've turned your backs on the rest of the skaa. You dress nicely, but on the inside, you're as dirty as ash.

—Yeden to Breeze[2]

Yeden wasn't entirely sure that the Rebellion's plan to overthrow the empire would work, and often lost sight of what he was attempting would mean in relation to nobles and skaa.[7] There were multiple times that Yeden tested backing out, but was reassured by Kelsier that the plan would work, and that he would lose his investment if he gave up. Yeden was also familiar with Marsh from when Marsh worked with the Skaa Rebellion.[2] Yeden grew more confident when recruition started to increase, but was still nervous about being caught by the Steel Ministry.[8]

At the Arguois caverns[edit]

Yeden began to get excited, and was impressed with Kelsier's work for the rebellion. He temporarily became a commander and took control over the rebellion's army of skaa from Ham.[3] After Kelsier's display with Demoux, Yeden ended up deciding that Kelsier was able to grant his powers to others, and that their army cannot possibly lose.[3]

After the Caverns[edit]

Breeze was going to be sent to replace Yeden for a few months, but Yeden had already taken control of the army to gain some experience.[9] [1] Yeden instructed the Skaa rebellion to attack the nearby Holstep Garrison in the Central Dominance, which the Skaa rebellion defeated in a night raid. On the Rebellion's way back to the Caverns, about an hour away from Holstep, they were attacked by the Valtroux Garrison of 5000 soldiers. Yeden and 5000 members of the Rebellion's skaa army died there. Yeden's head was found on a spear beside the road.[1]


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