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Died 1022 FE
Groups Kelsier's crew, Skaa rebellion
Ethnicity Skaa
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Mistborn: The Final Empire

Yeden... well, he was the type who was too easily impressed--both by you and the reputation you left for him.

Yeden is a skaa from the Final Empire on Scadrial. He is the leader of the skaa rebellion, succeeding Marsh.[2][3] He hires Kelsier's crew to overthrow the Lord Ruler.[2] He dies in an attack to the Holstep Garrison.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Well, if you’re listing problems we’ll have to overcome, you should write up there that we’re all bloody insane—though I doubt we can fix that fact.

—Yeden when planning the rebellion.[4]

Yeden is short, gangly, and has curly brown hair.[5][6] He was the leader of the Skaa Rebellion. He does not like skaa thieves, especially ones that work for their own profit. He considers skaa that work on the Lord Ruler's armies to be traitors to the other skaa.[4] He was originally timid, but later became more confident and civil.[7] He is also earnest, but lacks in presence.[6] Originally, he dressed like a skaa worker, with ash-covered clothes and a soot-stained face. He later dressed more like Kelsier: wearing a suit that didn't have soot on it.[7] Yeden is married, but stays away to protect his family.[8]

You’re selfish, undisciplined, and you’ve turned your backs on the rest of the skaa. You dress nicely, but on the inside you’re dirty as ash.

—Yeden to Breeze.[2]

Yeden thinks members of the skaa underground are selfish and undisciplined, but he admits they're effective, and is willing to make use of their skills. He doesn't trust Kelsier's crew, and when Kelsier lets Clubs go Yeden is worried he will bring obligators upon them.[2] Yeden is skeptical of Kelsier's plan; he thinks the skaa will never rise up on the government, since the rebellion has been trying to do this for a thousand years without success.[4]

After a time, Yeden becomes more civil with the crew and trusts Kelsier more.[7] He starts to realize that the rebellion might actually have a chance of succeeding.[6] After Kelsier's demonstration with Bilg and Demoux, Yeden starts to believe that the army was invincible, that it couldn't fail.[6][1] He is an earnest man, though he lacks in presence.[6]


Early life[edit]

Little is known of Yeden's origins. He suceeded Marsh in the control of the skaa rebellion.[3] The skaa rebellion spent years gathering the thirty thousand boxings he used to pay Kelsier's crew, and before hiring Kelsier he had never seen a Mistborn, and didn't believe that skaa could be Allomancers or that Mistborn existed.[2] He had never visited the Arguois caverns.[6]

Contracting Kelsier's Crew[edit]

Yeden contracted Kelsier's crew to provide an army to capture Luthadel, overthrow The Final Empire, and capture The Lord Ruler. Yeden would pay thirty thousand boxings, half before and half after the job was done. However, it was Kelsier's idea, and Yeden was a bit skeptical at first.[2] He thought that the crew could never get the skaa to rise up and that it would be hard to recruit a large army from the population of Luthadel.[4]

At the Arguois caverns[edit]

Yeden began to get excited, and was impressed with Kelsier's work for the rebellion.[7] He went on rallies to recruit people for the rebel army.[9] He wanted to see the army at the Arguois Caverns,[7] and Kelsier took him to watch over it so that Hammond could return to Luthadel for a while.[6] After Kelsier's display with Demoux, Yeden started to believe that Kelsier was able to grant his powers to others, and that their army could not possibly lose.[6]

The Attack on Holstep[edit]

Breeze was going to be sent to replace Yeden for a few months, but Yeden had already taken control of the army to gain some experience.[10] [1] Yeden, confident that the rebellion was blessed by Kelsier, instructed them to attack the nearby Holstep Garrison in the Central Dominance, which the Skaa rebellion defeated in a night raid. However, on the rebellion's way back to the Caverns, about an hour away from Holstep, they were attacked by the Valtroux Garrison of about 5000 soldiers. Yeden and 5000 members of the Rebellion's skaa army died there, and Yeden's head was found on a spear beside the road.[1]



It appeared that not even Yeden could resist Kelsier’s charisma for an extended period of time.

Vin thinking about Yeden[7]

In the beginning, Yeden thought Kelsier was a detestable thief, selfish and dishonest.[2] He later is impressed by Kelsier, becoming more civil with him and believing that the rebellion could really succeed in overthrowing the Lord Ruler.[7] After Kelsier's display with Demoux, Yeden was very impressed, and he was convinced that Kelsier was invincible and could pass his power to others.[6]


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