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Died 1025 FE
Groups Venture army
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Bilg is a member of Yeden's skaa army.[1]

He voices his displeasure with the army when he is Rioted by Kelsier. He fights Demoux, whom Kelsier chose as his champion, and loses, having his arm broken. Kelsier attempts to execute Bilg through Demoux, but after Demoux resists taking the killing blow, Kelsier lets up and allows Bilg to live.

Later, he becomes a member of Elend's army. He strikes General Demoux as part of a brawl, and is executed for this crime.[2]

He is large and wears a vest and full beard.

In the Hero of Ages, he fights Elend, and gets killed. Unfortunately, due to a typo, he is called 'Brill' in that scene, meaning that very few people notice the connection, despite them being the same person.[3]


In the original draft of the The Final Empire, Bilg is successfully executed by Kelsier.[4]


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