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Died 1025 FE
Groups Yeden's army (former)
Venture army
Ethnicity Skaa
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Mistborn: The Final Empire

Bilg is a skaa on Scadrial and a dissident member of both Yeden's army and Elend Venture's army.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bilg is a big and brawny skaa, and wears a vest and full beard.[1]

He has a short temper and is not afraid of a fight. He commonly questions the decisions of his military leaders, although he is clever enough to do it somewhat quietly.[1][2] He seems to have some leadership qualities, as fellow soldiers follow his lead whenever he stirs up trouble.[1][2] Although he questions the goals of the skaa rebellion, he would never sell out his fellow skaa to the Final Empire, he just wanted to stay alive.[1] Ham believes that he causes trouble because he is fearful.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He is strong, an adept brawler, and one of the finest swordsmen in the army that Kelsier gathered for the skaa rebellion.[1]


Yeden's army[edit]

Because, sir, we think that this is suicide you're sending us to.

— Bilg complaining to Kelsier[1]

When Kelsier visited Yeden's skaa army gathered in the Arguois caverns, he wanted to make an example out of a known dissenter. He and Ham identified several candidates, and Kelsier focused on Bilg. As Kelsier gave a speech to a large gathering of skaa, he continually Rioted Bilg's emotions, provoking him to speak up against Kelsier and his plans. Kelsier ultimately challenged Bilg to duel Captain Demoux, and told him that he would be allowed to leave if he won the duel. Bilg accepted, especially since the young, undersized Demoux was no match for him. However, the duel lasted longer than expected because Kelsier assisted Demoux through Ironpulling and Steelpushing, eventually helping him break Bilg's arm. Kelsier attempted to kill Bilg through Demoux's hands, but the captain resisted delivering the final blow. Some servants rushed forward to help the wounded Bilg from the room.[1]

Elend's army[edit]

They’re cursed, you know. They’re the reason Lady Vin got taken. They were speaking of the Survivor and his blessings, and that just smacked me as hypocrisy, you know?

— Bilg, on the mistfallen[2]

Bilg survived the Collapse and joined Elend Venture's army. During the Siege of Fadrex City, Bilg was again a troublemaker. He and some fellow soldiers believed that the mistfallen were cursed and causing misery for the army. After an unhinged soldier named Midge incited a brawl between the mistfallen and the regular soldiers,[3] Demoux—now a general—had to interfere.[2] Bilg, who already had a grudge against Demoux,[4] punched his general in the face just as Elend joined the scene and quelled the brawl by Soothing the participants. According to the law, Elend had to sentence Bilg to execution, despite Demoux's request for a lesser punishment.[2]


  • In the original draft of the The Final Empire, Bilg was successfully executed by Kelsier.[5] Brandon thought this exhibited Kelsier's ruthless edge; however, some of his alpha readers—particularly Joshua Bilmes—felt that it was too harsh of an action for a main character.[5][4] Brandon reluctantly changed the scene, and instead 'gave him what he deserved' in a later appearance.[4]
  • In the original published version of The Hero of Ages, Elend thinks that Bilg's name is "Brill". For this reason the cameo was hard to spot.[4] This was changed in later editions, and Elend now correctly identifies him as Bilg.


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