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Died 1025 FE
Groups Venture army
Yeden's army (former)
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Because, sir, we think that this is suicide you're sending us to.

— Bilg complaining to Kelsier.[1]

Bilg is a dissident member of Yeden's skaa army.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Bilg is a big and brawny skaa, and wears a vest and full beard. He was one of the finest swordsmen in the army that Kelsier gathered for the skaa rebellion.[1]

He believed that Kelsier was sending the skaa army to a hopeless fight, and that they didn't have a chance of surviving. He'd been making trouble among the skaa army, but was clever enough to do that quietly. If he was allowed to leave, he would never sell out the rebellion to the Final Empire, he just wanted to stay alive.[1]


Yeden's army[edit]

When Kelsier visited the skaa army in the Arguois caverns he held a speech. During that speech he kept Rioting Bilg's emotions, provoking him to speak up against Kelsier and his plans. When this finally happened he challenged Bilg to a duel with captain Demoux, who wasn't a match for Bilg, and told him that he was allowed to leave if he'd win the duel. However, the duel lasted longer than expected, because Kelsier assisted Demoux with Ironpulling and Steelpushing. Eventually Kelsier would have killed Bilg through Demoux's hands, but the captain resisted delivering the final blow. Some servants rushed forward to help the wounded Bilg from the room.[1]

Elend's army[edit]

During the Siege of Fadrex City Bilg again was a troublemaker, this time in Elend's army. He claimed that the mistfallen were cursed, them being the cause of their misery. This resulted in a brawl started by Midge[2], and general Demoux had to interfere. However, Bilg, who already had a grudge for Demoux[3], punched his general in the face right when Elend joined the scene. According to the law, Elend had to let Bilg get executed, even though Demoux pleaded to only throw the man in solitary.[4]


  • In the original draft of the The Final Empire, Bilg is successfully executed by Kelsier.[5] Brandon, however, still preferred Bilg dead if it wasn't for his alpha readers, and therefore 'gave him what he deserved' in a later appearance.[3]
  • In The Hero of Ages, Elend thinks that Bilg's name is "Brill". For this reason the cameo was hard to spot, and Brandon considered changing this in a reprint.[3]


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