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Era Classical Scadrial
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Oh, they had leaders, Master Kelsier. Dead ones, true, but leaders nonetheless.

The Valla were a religious sect from Classical Scadrial.


It is one of many historical religions that Sazed discusses with Kelsier. The Vallan religion is notable for being the longest to survive after the rise of the Final Empire and the Lord Ruler's persecution of religions other than his own, enduring even after all of its leaders were slaughtered.[1] After a meeting with his crew, Kelsier asks Sazed about the Valla, claiming that he wants a reminder of their perseverance.[1] However, his actual motive was to confirm that martyrs can galvanize people's resolve, foreshadowing his own death[2] and the rise of the Church of the Survivor.


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