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This page is used to index and link to the different types of currency used throughout Brandon Sanderson's books.

Mistborn Era 1
The Final Empire uses boxings and clips, the latter of which are often used by Coinshots and Mistborn for Steelpushing.
Urteau under the rule of Quellion uses the pek.
Stormlight Archive
The primary currency of Roshar is the sphere, though some regions use loose gem chips.
The residents of Shadesmar use Stormlight measured by how much a broam can hold.
BioChromatic Breath is frequently bought and sold, but it is not the main currency of Nalthis, as it is too valuable to be an effective currency for most people.
Wyrnings are a gold currency minted in Fjordell.[1] The coin has an image of Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth's head stamped on one side.[2]


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