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Drunken Spur
Usage Restaurant
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Drunken Spur is a Roughs-themed upscale restaurant in Elendel. It is located at the corner of Feder Way and Seventy-Third, and the exterior has a hanging wooden sign and a window display of mannequins in Roughs outfits. The staff wears uniforms in the Roughs style, with hats, bright red shirts, and chaps, although the greeter at the front wears a regular suit. The decor is both "fancy" and "awful" - for example, the salt shakers are boot-shaped but very high quality.[1]

Despite the tacky decor, patrons of the restaurant generally dress up nicely and are expected to maintain decorum - when they visited, Ranette wore slacks and Jaxy wore a white dress with diamond barrettes in her hair.[1]


Ranette, her partner Jaxy, and Wayne visited the Drunken Spur in the aftermath of Wayne's breakup with MeLaan. Jaxy chose the restaurant and liked it, finding it "amusing." However, Ranette and Wayne, being from the Roughs, both made fun of the tacky decor and lack of authenticity and called it "insulting" and "awful." Wayne ordered vodka, and they discussed Wayne's feelings about his split with MeLaan, as well as helping him understand why his continued visits to Allriandre were harming both of them. Wayne didn't take this insight well and left the restaurant before the food arrived.[1]


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