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Type Profession
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Hazekillers are specialized warriors who are employed to fight and kill Allomancers.[1]

During the Final Empire, hazekillers were non-Misting specialists trained to fight and kill Mistings and Mistborn. They carry no metal that can be pushed or pulled and are armed with simple, non-metallic weapons and shields, notably duelling canes and shields to deflect coins or other projectiles. They worked in large groups or with allomancers to overwhelm the enemy mistings.[1]

After the Catacendre, the term "Hazekiller" is considered to be archaic, it is currently unknown if hazekillers still exist in the era or do so under a different name.[2]

Ranette pays homage to hazekillers by making special ammunition rounds to dispatch individual Mistings and naming them "Hazekiller rounds", such as a round that causes loud noise to panic and discomfort a Tineye or a Coinshot round made with a mixture of ceramics and metal, the purpose of which is to trick the coinshot into thinking they can push on the round, leaving the ceramic part of it to continue on its course, unaltered.[2]


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