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Type Weapon
Creator Ranette
Owner Waxillium Ladrian
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Vindication is a specialized revolver, made by Ranette for Waxillium Ladrian. This gun was made of "Invarian" steel, making it stronger and lighter than a Sterrion. It features a long barrel, a grip styled with ivory and onyx wavy lines separated by metal bands, 8 chambers (two of which utilise Hazekiller rounds), and an "allomancer-only" safety; a hidden switch that only a misting can see or access via an ironpull or a steelpush that disables the gun, so the gun can never be turned on a misting owner. While it can fire normal bullets, pulling a specific lever on the gun with the allomancer-only safety and spinning the hammer locks it on the specialized bullets. The gun is named after the Ascendant Warrior, Vin.[1] Wax used it against the Vanishers when interrupting their train heist, but dropped it in an explosion.[2] It was recovered by Marasi, who searched the Vanishers hideout for it afterwards.[3]

Hazekiller Rounds[edit]

Ranette's "Hazekiller" rounds take a multitude of forms.

  • Coinshot: Rounds have a ceramic tip that keeps travelling after the metal of the bullet has been pushed away.
  • Lurcher: Rounds with ceramic sides that explode when pulled on, causing shrapnel, which is said to be harmful but not lethal.
  • Tineye: Rounds that make a loud noise when fired and a different noise when they hit. They are intended to disable rather than harm.
  • Pewterarm: Rounds that are larger and packed with more gunpowder. They are intended to overpower the resilience of a pewterarm until death.


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