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Vindication by Elisgardor.jpeg
Type Weapon
Creator Ranette
Owner Waxillium Ladrian
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Vindication and Vindication II are specialized revolvers on Scadrial designed and built by Ranette. They are used by Waxillium Ladrian.[1]



Vindication is a sleek revolver with a long barrel. It is made of a silvery metal called Invarian steel, and it is highly polished.[1] It does not use aluminum in its construction due to cost.[2] It has a grip styled with wavy lines of ivory and onyx separated by metal bands.[1]

The gun has eight chambers and can be loaded with six ordinary bullets and two larger "hazekiller rounds" designed to fight Allomancers. The gun will normally fire the six standard bullets and skip the two chambers that hold the hazekiller rounds. Pulling a lever on the grip and spinning the hammer locks it onto the additional chambers. Since Invarian steel is stronger and lighter than ordinary steel, it allows for thinner chamber walls, so the revolver remains reasonably sized.[1] It also has an "Allomancer-only" safety; a hidden internal switch that only a Misting or Mistborn can see or access via an ironpull or a steelpush. The safety disables the gun, making it nearly impossible to turn it on its owner.[1] Ranette later used a similar internal latch design on the third version of her grappling hook devices.[3]

Vindication II[edit]

At some point before 348 PC, Ranette designed a new version of Vindication for Wax, dubbed Vindication II. The second version is similar in concept to the first, but it is has an all-aluminum construction.[4] It also uses aluminum cartridges and aluminum bullets in its "regular" chambers.[5][6] The hazekiller chambers are activated with a lever on the top of the gun.[7] Ranette also designed new hazekiller rounds that include a secondary explosion intended to forcibly eject spikes from Hemalurgists.[4]



Wax visited Ranette's shop in 341 PC seeking a new Sterrion 36, after losing his Ambersair revolver. However, Ranette instead showed Wax the hazekiller rounds and Vindication, which she had likely developed specifically for him. Wax was suitably impressed, and Ranette was unusually proud of her work; she named the gun after the Ascendant Warrior, Vin. Ranette "loaned" Wax the gun and ammunition on the condition that he provided a field report.[1] Wax—who referred to Vindication using female pronouns[8]—usually carried it in his shoulder holster. He continued to carry (and use) other guns, but Vindication immediately became his primary weapon.[1]

Wax used the gun against the Vanishers when interrupting their train heist and it performed admirably; it was highly accurate, even allowing him to shoot a bundle of dynamite falling from the sky. However, Wax dropped Vindication in the resulting explosion.[2] It was recovered by Marasi Colms, who searched the Vanishers hideout for it afterwards.[9]

Wax continued to carry Vindication for the next few years. He successfully used a hazekiller round to injure the Marksman.[10] He nearly shot Bleeder with it at Lady ZoBell's party[11] and later injured her using a Pewterarm round.[12] As the search for Bleeder continued, Wayne picked up a single hazekiller-caliber bullet from Ranette that Wax had asked her to forge in such a manner that it would not shatter.[13] During Wax's final confrontation with Bleeder, he temporarily lost Vindication, but he was able to retrieve it and shoot her in the head with the special bullet. Wax had secretly asked Ranette to forge the bullet with his earring so that it would function as a Hemalurgic spike and give Harmony control over Bleeder.[14]

Wax wore Vindication to his interrupted wedding to Steris Harms.[15] He used it extensively during the Set's attack on his train to New Seran.[16] He carried Vindication throughout his time in New Seran, except when he had to reluctantly check it during Kelesina Shores's party.[17] He used it again during the confrontations with the Set in Dulsing and at the Sovereign's temple.[18][19]

Vindication II[edit]

Although Wax went into retirement after the discovery of the Bands of Mourning,[20] he still upgraded his weapons. He kept them in a locked strongbox inside a locked cabinet in his home.[20] In 348 PC when he was pushed back into action to fight against Telsin, he retrieved Vindication II and carried it as his everyday weapon alongside the Steel Survivor.[4] Wax used Vindication II throughout his mission investigating Telsin and the Set.[5][21][22] The explosive hazekiller rounds worked as expected; a single shot obliterated the rear door of a truck.[21] However, Getruda was able to heal from a hazekiller round to the face using her gold metalminds.[23] During a subsequent fight, Wax deduced that Getruda likely kept metalminds in her arms and blew one of them off with another hazekiller round; this greatly slowed her healing, and she was killed by a Pushed bullet from Wax.[7]

Notably, Telsin did not seem to have any fear of guns during this time, even Vindication.[24] Harmony informed Wax that killing her might not be possible if she was adequately Invested by Autonomy, even if the hazekiller rounds took out one or more of her spikes.[20]


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