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Charrs Entrone
House Entrone
Descendants Valette Entrone
Died 1022 FE
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Charrs Entrone was a noble on Scadrial during the Final Empire.[1]

He was infamous for his twisted sense of pleasure, enjoying things like skaa bloodfights. However, one night after a skaa fight, Kelsier murdered the drunk Charrs Entrone, and dumped the lord's corpse in Keep Tekiel's gardens. As House Entrone was a major political ally of House Tekiel, Kelsier hoped that Charrs's death would lead Tekiel to suspect their rival, House Izenry, but Charrs's gambling opponent had been Crews Geffenry, who was a known Mistborn. Either Tekiel could blame Izenry, or House Geffenry--which had been petitioning for a stronger alliance with Tekiel. Kelsier did not care who was truly to blame, as he simply wanted the nobility to question and worry.[2]

Later, Kliss suggested that Geffenry murdered Charrs Entrone as to make the Tekiels worry, and make them want additional allies. Rene, Kliss's date at that particular ball, thought this was unlikely.[1] Still, Charrs' death lead to the killings of Ardous and Callins Geffenry at Tekiel's hands.[1]


  • Charrs, originally conceived as Charleir,[3] is a cameo for a British reader of Brandon's books named Charlie who frequented the Timewasters Guide forum.[4]


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