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Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Noble
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Mistborn: The Final Empire

A foolish gossip? Why, yes I am. It's fascinating, the kinds of things you can learn when you're known as the court gossip.

— Lady Kliss to Vin[1]

Lady Kliss is a noblewoman on Scadrial during the Final Empire.[2] She acts as a simple court gossip, using that persona to help her in her role as a political informant.[1]

Apperance and Personality[edit]

Besides, child, didn't the boy just spurn you? What do you owe him?

— Kliss to Valette about Elend Venture [1]

Kliss is a short[3] young woman, with blonde hair[3] and an apparent lack of fashion sense,[2] She typically dressed in squat, gaudy gowns.[1] She often wore her hair up in a massive wobbling bun[2] and walks with a sort of waddle.[3]

Kliss is actually an intelligent and crafty woman,[1] who has carefully cultivated a vapid and obnoxious persona.[3] As a member of the Luthadel court, she was believed to be nothing but a courtly gossip.[2] She used that as a cover and source of information for her actual work as an informant-for-hire.[1] When in character, she appears to be over-eager and enthusiastic,[3] with twinkling eyes and a ready smile.[2] Her unfashionable outfits are also a part of her disguise.[1] When she drops the persona, Kliss's attitude changes, her voice takes on an odd tone and she appears more in control of herself. Kliss often makes use of the fact that people come to her to spread lies to discern more about others' motivations. She can also be dismissive, treating those that she is manipulating or extorting like children.[1] Kliss is heavily motivated by money, willing to sell information or keep silent for a price, but her rates are quite expensive and she does not seem to give away much information for free. Kliss is also severe and cold, willing to offer her allegiance to whoever can offer her the most. She is a woman who is out for herself and is not willing to help others if it does not benefit herself.


Early Life[edit]

Kliss lived in Luthadel and was an active if seemingly unimportant member of the court.[2] She was an active attendee of the balls thrown by the Great Houses, developing a reputation as a gossip. In actuality, Kliss used her reputation as an air-headed fool to become a professional informant.[1]

Before the House War[edit]

Kliss met Vin, in the guise of Valette Renoux, and the two women became casual acquaintances.[2] At one ball thrown by House Hasting, Kliss accompanied Rene and confided in Vin and their other companions that she believed House Tekiel had assassinated Ardous and Callins Geffenry in response to the death of Lord Hughes Entrone. As Vin went to return to her table, Kliss also informed her that the Steel Inquisitors had hit twice as many skaa thieving bands as normal in the last few months.

Deliver a message to your uncle for me, will you dear? Tell him that a man such as himself— without house alliances—might have a difficult time gathering intelligence in the upcoming months. If he needs a good source of information, tell him to send for me. I know lots of interesting things.

—Kliss to Valette[1]

At a later ball hosted by House Lekal, Kliss spoke to Vin again, wondering after her absence at the previous ball.[3] Kliss informed Vin that Tren-Pedri Delouse's father was considering a union with House Aime against Tren-Pedri's wishes. Vin in turn told Kliss that she had overheard Lord Renoux speaking about House Hasting withdrawing from its contracts as it prepared to flee the city. Kliss recognized this for the lie that it was, but pretended to believe Vin. At some point afterward, Kliss became aware that Lady Shan Elariel was planning to assassinate Elend Venture during one of his philosophy meetings, along with Telden Hasting and Jastes Lekal. She also learned that Lord Straff Venture was aware of the assassination and intended to allow it, so that his nephew could inherit.

A week later, at the final ball held by House Venture, Kliss spoke to Vin after Vin had been rebuffed by Elend. She told Vin that Elend would soon get what he deserved. Kliss asked Vin to offer her services as an informant to Lord Renoux. She also told Vin that she had caught Vin's lie about House Hasting and suspected that House Renoux had been behind the recent attack's on Hasting's barges. Kliss offered her silence in exchange for payment. Vin questioned her about what she had meant about Elend, but Kliss refused to say anything further without payment. In exchange for Vin's necklace Kliss explained that Elend was to be assassinated. Kliss refused to tell Vin any more information without payment, but Vin used emotional Allomancy to question Kliss and learn that Elend was to be killed that very night. Kliss called after Vin as she left, wondering why Vin bothered to help. The crew paid later for Kliss's silence about House Renoux.[4]

Later Life[edit]

Kliss's fate following the death of the Lord Ruler and the Collapse of the Final Empire is unknown, although Vin later reflected on Kliss and how she had made herself appear to be someone that she was not.[5]


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