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Kyndlip Ternavyl
Profession Editor, Proprietor of The Two Seasons
Residence Bilming
Ethnicity Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

No smarter, less attractive, and unable to keep from rolling around in every mire he comes across.

—Kyndlip's comparison between Gave Entrone and a boar[1]

Kyndlip Ternavyl is a resident of Bilming on Scadrial. She is the owner and editor of The Two Seasons broadsheet.[1][2] She is of Terris heritage, giving her darker skin and kinky hair.[2]

At some point, Kyndlip married and had children.[1] She either started The Two Seasons or became its proprietor some years prior to the Set's endeavor to impress Autonomy; being sympathetic to Elendel interests, she sent staff to Elendel on at least one occasion and interviewed Marasi Colms.[2] In 348 PC, Kyndlip made a comment unfavorably comparing Bilming's mayor Gave Entrone to a boar.[1] She was subsequently kidnapped by the Set, taken to the caverns underneath Bilming, and placed with other political dissidents.[2] This prompted her family to search for her, appealing to the mayor himself in their efforts, and to publish a notice about her disappearance in the Seasons.[1] While in captivity, Kyndlip took notes on the things she saw and heard. Giving her notebook to Marasi when she, Moonlight, and TwinSoul discovered and freed the group of captives, Kyndlip urgently warned them about the existence of an army put together by the Set and directed them to find the Community.[2] TwinSoul took the group of former captives and guided them back to Bilming.[3] It is likely that Kyndlip later gave evidence against Gave Entrone.[4]


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