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Gold (Feruchemy).svg
Power Show burner's past or alternate self
Type Internal, Pulling, Temporal
Misting Augur
Power Store health
Type Hybrid
Ferring Bloodmaker
Power Steal Hybrid Feruchemical powers
Type Temporal
Universe Cosmere

Gold is the internal temporal pulling metal. An Allomancer burning gold is able to see who they could have been in the past, had they made different choices. Feruchemists can use gold to store health. When used as a Hemalurgic spike, gold steals Hybrid Feruchemical powers.

The paired alloy of gold used in the Metallic Arts is electrum.

Allomantic Use[edit]

A gold Misting is known as a Augur. An Augur burning gold is able to see a hallucination of who the user could have been, known as a "gold shadow."[1] While active, an Augur can see through both pairs of eyes and think both sets of thoughts.[2] Due to the emotional stress associated with seeing one's alternate past, gold is not a very useful metal. Furthermore, touching the gold shadow while burning gold causes unpleasant side effects.[3] Each time an Augur burns gold, they see a different image, as it changes depending on their current situation.[4] A gold shadow will also change if a person is stamped with an Essence Mark.[5]

Feruchemical Use[edit]

A gold Ferring is known as a Bloodmaker. Gold is used to store health. A goldmind can be tapped to both heal at an accelerated rate or to heal from wounds that would normally be fatal.[1] It is hard to fill a goldmind, due to the fact that it requires the Bloodmaker to spend time sickly and weak. Gold does not heal diseases as efficiently as it heals wounds.[6]

Gold healing works by aligning an individual's Physical aspect to their ideal self as recorded in their Spiritual aspect. This does not prevent them from aging or certain genetic diseases as those are considered part of the ideal.[7]

Aluminum in a wound will make it impossible for the Bloodmaker to heal the injury around the metal for as long as it remains in the body.[8]

Gold healing would interact with organ transplants in an interesting way. This can be either beneficial or detrimental depending on the circumstances.[9] Bloodmakers' bones are particularly interesting due to the time they spend weak and sick, which creates distinctive oddities in the joints and bones.[10]

Damage to the soul, such as that caused by Hemalurgy, can be healed by Bloodmakers, though it would take a lot of health, i.e. compounding, to regain the stolen ability.[11][12] A Bloodmaker would also be able to heal a wound from a Shardblade,[13] or being withered by a shade.[14]


A gold Compounder would be able to use gold to have a nearly infinite supply of health. When Compounding, a Bloodmaker can heal very rapidly, and can survive flaying, decapitations, and point-blank explosions.[15][16] The recovery from injuries and wounds is almost instantaneous.[17]

If a gold Compounder draws health constantly, this can have several impacts. The Compounder would be immune to most sicknesses and would not experience sore muscles, headaches, or feelings of tiredness.[2] Even when there is nothing for the gold to heal, the Compounder can still feel a faint sense of extra energy from the health they are drawing. By drawing even more additional health, they can eliminate the need to breathe, as they are constantly healing the damage done to their cells from hypoxia.[18] Despite this, a gold Compounder cannot stop their heartbeat[18] or reverse the process of aging.[15] Constantly healing from wounds can also leave the Compounder invulnerable to pain.[17]


If someone were to Compound gold enough to become a Feruchemical savant with the metal, they would be able to survive even longer than a normal Compounder of the metal.[19]

Hemalurgic Use[edit]

When used as a Hemalurgic spike, gold steals Hybrid Feruchemical powers (cadmium, bendalloy, gold, and electrum).[20]


During the Final Empire, gold was classified as a higher metal along with atium. The majority of the nobility did not know that gold Mistings existed and believed gold was only accessible to Mistborn, due to gold's high value and the Lord Ruler's intentional misinformation that high metals do not have Mistings. After the Catacendre, it was realized that the "high metal" classification was wrong, and gold is actually a temporal metal. Gold mistings, or Augurs, had also come to be known by people.


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