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Region Darkside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Iiaria is a nation on the Darkside of the planet Taldain.[1]

Iiarians have dark brown skin, brown eyes, and dark hair.[1] Baon, who hails from Iiaria, is not seen wearing dark glasses when he visits the Dayside, unlike other Darksiders such as Khrissalla and Cynder.[2]

Khriss and Baon discuss Skathan, the current monarch of the Dynasty; it is implied that Skathan is from Iiaria and that Iiaria is part of the Dynasty.[1][3] Skathan has several magical abilities, but they do not appear to be common to other Iiarians.[1]


  • In White Sand Volume 1, Khriss mentions "Irarians" when describing the people living in Lonzare.[4] It is not clear if this is a separate nation or a typo.


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