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Region Darkside
World Taldain
Universe Cosmere
Featured In White Sand

Iiaria is a nation in the northern end of Darkside on the planet Taldain. It is the home of Skathan, Darkside's emperor, and serves as the seat of power of the Dynasty.[1][2]

Iiarians typically have dark brown skin, brown eyes, and dark hair.[2] They have an identifiable accent when speaking the Dynastic language.[3] Jon Acron considers Iiarians to be quite superstitious[1]

Few specifics are known about Iiaria, but it is presumably the base of operations for the Dynasty's significant military strength, including a powerful navy and a Starcarved army.[1][4] Emperor Skathan also suppresses the spread of knowledge and technology within the Dynasty and strictly controls travel between nations, using an extensive network of assassins and spies to do so.[5][1][3] Skathan himself has several magical abilities that are not well-understood.[6][2]

Known Iiarians[edit]


  • In the original version of White Sand Volume 1, Khriss mentioned "Irarians" when describing the people living in Lonzare. This was presumably a typo, as the dialogue was changed for the omnibus edition.[7]


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