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Abilities Worldhopper
Groups Ire
World Sel
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Maod is a member of the Ire's guard.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Kelsier notes that the Ire's guardsmen have fair skin and speak the same strange tongue (presumably Aonic)[2] as the Elantrian members of the Ire, implying that the guardsmen are also Selish. Maod's presence outside of his own world qualifies him as a worldhopper, although he is presumably able to exist in the Ire's fortress due to a special connection from the building to the Dor.[1]


Maod was one of several guards assigned to watch duty on the roof of the Ire's fortress in the Cognitive Realm when Kelsier approached during his search for a way to stop Ruin. Although Kelsier had learned how to make himself nearly invisible, Maod was still able to spot him sneaking up to the fortress wall. However, he lost sight of Kelsier in the darkness before Kelsier entered the building.[1]

Maod believed that he might have seen a shade, a Cognitive Shadow from Threnody, although his captain was skeptical. The captain and Maod reported the sighting to Alonoe, who used a special device to check for Threnodites in the vicinity. Since Kelsier was from Scadrial, the device did not detect him, but the guards were told to remain on high alert.[1]


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