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Emerald Sea
Type Ocean
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
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The Emerald Sea, also known as the Verdant Sea, is an ocean on Lumar.[1][2] The sea is made up of Verdant spores, which drop from the Verdant Lunagree.[3] Like all seas on Lumar, it is pentagonal in shape.[4]

It borders the Crimson Sea and Rose Sea,[5][6] and three other unknown seas. It might border the Sapphire Sea, as the Sapphire Sea is supposedly easy to access from the Emerald Sea, though this hasn't been confirmed.[7]


It is ruled over, at least partially, by a figure known as the Verdant King.[8]

They have a royal navy which tracks down criminals such as deadrunners.[9] The government also has tax collectors and inspectors who have the authority to control the coming and going of ships and cargo through the sea.[10][11]

Their government is known to recognize the Felony murder rule, wherein, if somebody dies in the committing or furtherance of a dangerous or enumerated crime, the offender and their accomplices are held guilty of murder.[9]

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