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Crow's Song
Type Ship
Captain Crow (formerly), Tress
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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The Crow's Song is a pirate ship on Lumar originally captained by Crow, then taken over by Tress in Tress of the Emerald Sea.


The Crow's Song is a fine, expensive merchant ship.[1] It is four-masted ship; the equivalent of a small galleon. It has four levels: the upper deck, exposed to the sky; the middle deck, which contains the mass, armory, and officers' quarters; the lower deck, a cramped space where most of the crew sleeps; and the hold, which stores any cargo the ship may be carrying. There are several bathrooms on various decks.[2] It has two cannons: one on its aft deck and one on its foredeck.[3] Except for the sprouter's quarters, which are lined with aluminum, the entire ship has silver lining the floor.[1] It is faster than most ships on Lumar. [4]


Before Tress[edit]

The Crow's Song began as a legal merchant ship. Sometime before the events of Tress, Crow convinced the crew that unless they turned to piracy, they would be enlisted to serve in an impending war. She also told them that they would not kill and become deadrunners unless under attack. Instead, they extort merchant ships and take their goods, thus filtering the money from them back into the economy.[5] However, Crow intended to break that promise, as becoming deadrunners would ensure the crew's loyalty and force them to sail the Crimson Sea with her so she can find the dragon Xisisrefliel and cure her affliction.[6][7][8] She also recruited cannonmaster Laggart to her cause, and he made false compartments in the bottom of the Crow's Song's cannons, in which he stored a destructive type of cannonball that he would switch out for the normal one during a battle.[6] The ship's sprouter, Weev, was also helping Crow, but when he started blackmailing her she had him thrown off the ship under the guise of him refusing to turn pirate.[7]

Sailing the Verdant Sea[edit]

When Tress is stowing away on the Oot's Dream, Crow and Laggart attack it during a break in the seethe, using the destructive cannonball to put a hole in the Oot's Dream’s hull.[9] Tress escapes with Huck, then walks across the spore sea to the Crow's Song before the seethe lets up. When Tress climbs on board the ship, Crow orders her thrown overboard, but she proves her worth scrubbing the deck and the order isn’t brought up again.[10] Crow tries to leave one of the Oot's Dream’s crew alive to spread the word of her crime, but he dies anyway.[6]

Tress ends up assigned to filling the cannons with spores when she discovers the false bottom in the forecannon and the cannonball inside. She quickly figures out that Laggart must have tried to sink the other ship.[5] She has Huck spy on Crow and Laggart, and he confirms her theory, figuring out that Crow and Laggart want to force the crew to sail "dangerous seas".[6] Tress intends to use this knowledge to escape the ship, since she is a surviving member of the Oot's Dream, but decides against escaping, instead opting to help the crew and become the ship's new sprouter.

Tress covertly replaces Laggart's secret cannonballs with ordinary ones, so when they attack another ship, the cannonball splashes water on it and the spores below it instead, and verdant vines grow over it, immobilizing it. Unfortunately, the seethe stops at just the wrong time, and the captive ship puts a cannonball through the Crow's Song's prow.[4] Crow shoots the opposing ship's cannonmaster, and Tress and Ann patch the hole in the prow with roseite.[11] Crow threatens the crew of the other ship into paying her a hefty bounty, and the Crow's Song sails on.[12]

Sailing the Crimson Sea[edit]

Salay becomes convinced that Tress is a King's Mask, and invites her to a meeting with Ann and Fort.[13] Tress figures out Crow's motivation, and decides that the best thing for everyone is to sail the Crimson Sea and let Crow be healed by Xisis.[7][8] Unfortunately, Tress doesn't know that Xisis requires a servant in exchange for his boon, and that Crow is planning to trade Tress to him.[14] However, after a failed attempt at mutiny, Tress figures out that she can trade Crow to the dragon instead.[15][16] This works, and Tress becomes captain.

On Huck’s instruction, Hoid throws barrels of food overboard to prevent Tress and the Crow's Song from sailing to the Sorceress’s island. It doesn’t work, since the crew agrees to eat verdant vines instead.

Sailing the Midnight Sea[edit]

Tress sets out on her own towards the Sorceress's island and gets captured. Meanwhile, Fort makes a deal with the Midnight Essence: he would supply it with water if it let the Crow's Song pass to Riina’s island. This works, and they arrive just in time to rescue Tress.[17] Ann immobilizes Riina’s metal golems, allowing Hoid to enter the tower and rescue Tress.[18] [19]

A few months later, Tress sells the Crow's Song and gets the crew pardoned by the king. She buys a new ship called The Two Cups, which has the same crew as the Crow's Song, plus Charlie as valet, storyteller, and musician.[20]

Crew Members[edit]


The Crow's Song had an additional 52 crewmembers, who Hoid did not feel were important enough to his telling of Tress of the Emerald Sea to name individually, and they are therefore referred to as Dougs. He chose to call them all Doug because the name is extremely common throughout the Cosmere, and because one of them is actually named Doug.[2]


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