Sorceress's island

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Sorceress's island
Type Island
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
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The Sorceress's island is an island in the Midnight Sea on Lumar. It is located near the border to the Crimson Sea.[1][2]


The Sorceress's island is a small, "suspiciously circular" island located in the Midnight Sea. It is largely uninhabited bar the Sorceress herself and the metal soldiers that form her army. Plant life is rare on the island; it is populated by only a few lone trees, none of which have many leaves upon them. Upon seeing the island, Tress was surprised by how small it was, being even smaller than Diggen's Point. The only structure on the island is the Sorceress's tower.[1]

It is surrounded by undersea rocky spikes which tear apart ships which pass across them without care. This acts as a potent line of defense against invaders and is one of the reasons the Sorceress chose it.[1][3]


At an unknown date the Sorceress arrived from the stars with her tower and made her home on the island that would later be named after her. She chose the island on purpose due to how difficult it was for others to reach.[1]

The Sorceress sent out ships to raid other nations and was effective at keeping everyone away from the island.[4] No one ever returned from the island without at least being cursed like Hoid.[5] Only the Sorceress's ships were allowed to travel the Midnight Sea, effectively making it so no ship would ever come close to the island.[6]

Tress used the threat of Hoid against the Sorceress, to try convince her to leave the planet. The Sorceress promptly decided to leave after weighing up her chances of defeating him, and departed using her tower to leave.[7]

The Sorceress's Trials[edit]

There are three known trials that one must pass in order to reach the Sorceress herself upon her island that serve as her defenses and are the reason as to why over her time on the island, the king's armies failed to remove her. The first of these trials is crossing the Midnight Sea itself, full of Midnight Essence nominally under her control, to get to the island.[8] These monsters, as they are called by locals, were created by the Sorceress with direct orders from her to quench their thirst by hunting down anyone who enters the sea; the Sorceress herself does not directly control the beasts and instead gives them a measure of autonomy.[9] If these are passed, one must then pass the next trial: her army of metal soldiers. These soldiers are Awakened constructs which also have orders to defend her, and while under more explicit control, they also possess some autonomy in their command to eliminate any threats that try to reach the island without her permission.[8][7] The final trial is the tower itself; the tower is perfectly vertical and made of silver, thus making it impossible to enter without using the front door, which only someone from the inside can open.[8]


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