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Abilities Spore eater
Profession Pirate
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Captain Crow is captain of the pirate ship Crow's Song on Lumar at the beginning of Tress of the Emerald Sea.[1] She becomes a servant of the dragon Xisisrefliel at the bottom of the Crimson Sea.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Crow is a stout, distinctive figure with a black feathered hat, a severe face, and tan skin.[1] Her heart is described as a twisted lump of smouldering coal.[2]To the midnight essence, she smells more like a plant than a person.[3] The only time the crew knew her to be mirthful is when a sailor speared himself in the crotch with his own boarding hook.[4] Crow considers a nice cup to be loot.[5]

She was, it might be noted, a perfect example of why the word jerk needs so many off-color synonyms. One could exhaust all available options, invent a few apt new ones, and still not be able to completely describe her. Truly an inspiration to the vulgar poet.


There are limits to the jerkiness. She works alongside the crew in the rainstorm and gives the crew a barrel of booze after Pakson's death. In some cases it's calculated self preservation, as when she acceded to Salay on robbing the merchants. Salay thinks Crow's stubbornness has allowed her to survive the spore infestation for as long as she has.[7]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Crow is a spore eater, which is a symbiosis granting extensive defensive abilities at the cost of constantly draining water from her body.[8] She does not have true control over the Verdant vines, with them reacting on their own to protect anything that could bring harm to her. She has survived about 1 year longer than would be expected.

She has a sixth sense about others such as a clergyman might have,[6] but she uses it to dominate others.[9] She is also able to best several people in an attempted mutiny without relying on verdant aether powers.[10] She is also a crack shot.[11]

She uses Midnight Essence to spy on her crew members, using Midnight Aether spores.[12]

She apparently must remain close to Xisisrefliel to keep the verdant spore in remission.[13] Although it isn't known if this is the truth, or a lie to discourage her from escaping.[13]


The attack on Oot's Dream was the crew's first voyage as pirates.[14] They sewed their first pirate flag after Tress came on board.[15] Crow becomes captain of Crow's Song, a fine merchant vessel, and convinces the crew to turn to piracy as an alternative to participating in the King's war against the Sorceress.[14] In collusion with Laggart, she plans to cross the line from piracy (for tribute) to deadrunning (extirpation) which will make the entire crew into outlaws among outlaws. The ship's prior sprouter, Weev, tried to blackmail her, so she had him executed with the rationale that he wouldn't join the crew in turning to piracy.

Though Tress foils the deadrunner plot, Crow conserves her with the plan to exchange Tress' services to Xisisrefliel for Crow being healed from spore eating.

She brought Tress down to the depths of the Crimson Sea in order to sell her to Xisisrefliel in return for being healed by her condition.[16] However, Tress managed to bargain with the dragon in order to turn Crow herself in, which he accepted. Due to this bargain, Crow was kept at the bottom of the sea and forced to serve Xisisrefliel for the rest of her life.[13]


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