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Ann by Psi0nicS.png
Titles Carpenter, Assistant Cannonmaster
Profession Pirate
Groups Crew of the Crow's Song (formerly), Crew of the Two Cups
Homeworld Lumar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Tress of the Emerald Sea
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I think I'm the only cadet in the militia who ever managed to shoot her own sergeant ... when he was behind her ... inside the barracks.


Ann is the carpenter and assistant cannonmaster of the Crow's Song on Lumar.[2] She had an undiagnosed case of micropsia for much of her life.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Ann is a "gangly" woman with a dart-shaped nose and short hair. She is seen wearing a vest and trousers and carrying three pistols strapped to her in various places.[4] After Tress trades Crow to the dragon Xisisrefliel, Ann gains a pair of spectacles.[3] She has a nonchalant personality, and shows a kind side when interacting with Tress.

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Ann loves guns and is determined to learn how to shoot, but her micropsia[1], along with crippling social pressure, hinders her ability to aim (often to a hilarious extent). With the help of both her spectacles and Laggart's guidance, she is able to overcome her inability and take down Riina's Awakened golems to rescue Tress.[5]

She is a terrible cook; Fort notes that one of her dishes made the crew sick for three days.[6]


Before the Crow's Song[edit]

When she was young, Ann worked as a farm girl, raising chickens in an unknown town. The day she came of age, she enlisted in what she calls "the militia" as a cadet in the cannonade crews. After twenty-four days there, she was removed from her position due to shooting her own sergeant, who was in the barracks behind her at the time. Things like that started happening more and more when Ann shot guns, leading her to believe she was "cursed,"[1] and increasing the pressure for her when shooting, which led to more mistakes.[5] She mentions that she has sailed both the Rose and Sapphire seas, but it's unclear whether that was with the Crow's Song or not.[7]

At Sea[edit]

Eventually, she ended up signing up as the carpenter of the Crow's Song to avoid being drafted into the king's army,[8] and when the old assistant cannonmaster died, she volunteered for the role.[7] Later, in contrast with Fort, Ann doesn't like how they ended up sinking the Oot's Dream, but reasons that being deadrunners is "better than getting conscripted."[4] Despite this belief, she comes to a meeting with Fort, Salay, and Tress about how to deal with Captain Crow, in which Salay convinces her that Tress is a King's Mask.[9]

This comes to a head after Ann, along with Salay and Fort, help Tress save the ship from the rain in the Crimson Sea. The crew decides to mutiny, with Ann volunteering to distract Laggart by pretending to try to shoot a cannon. Unfortunately, Crow was listening in on them using Midnight Essence and raises the ship's alarm.[10] Crow threatens to kill them if they don't kill Laggart first, and Ann gets her hands on a gun, fires at Laggart, and misses. Ann, Salay and Fort are captured by Laggart and Crow, Crow takes Tress hostage and brings her as an offering to the dragon Xisisrefliel, and Crow gives instructions to kill one of Ann, Salay, and Fort if Crow and Tress don't come back from Xisis's lair in less than an hour.[11]

Tress outsmarts Crow and trades her to Xisis, taking three small boons from the dragon, one of which is spectacles for Ann to help with her micropsia, which Ann is seen wearing later.[3]

When Tress is captured by Riina in her tower, Ann helps rescue her by firing Tress's cannonballs at Riina's metal men.[5] After Tress is rescued, she becomes part of the crew of her new ship, Two Cups.[12]



Captain, we're coming to save you. Because you deserve it. You remember, you once told me something that made me see the world in an entirely new way. ... 'Here, try on these spectacles.'


When Tress first arrives on the Crow's Song, Ann fills her in on the situation at hand and helps her learn how to do her duties as the ship's sprouter.[8] She also vouches for Tress to Crow after the ship is attacked and Tress fills a cannon-hole with roseite.[14]. Salay convinces Ann that Tress is a King's mask during one of their meetings, but the truth is revealed when Tress is captured by Captain Crow.[9][11] Tress gifts Ann spectacles from Xisis, and in return, Ann helps rescue her from Riina.[3][5]

The Crew of the Crow's Song[edit]

Ann and Fort are shown to be friendly before the book's events, and she conspires with him, Salay, and Tress against Captain Crow. Laggart is shown to be a mentor to Ann, though he sides with Crow in the conflict on the Crow's Song.


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