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Diggen's Point
Type Island
Region Emerald Sea
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Diggen's Point is an island in the Emerald Sea on Lumar. It is located near to the Verdant Lunagree and is ruled by the duke.[1]


Diggen's Point is an island made up almost exclusively of black saltstone, in the shape of an old man's crooked finger. The island appears to reach from below the ocean, to point towards the horizon. The island is home to a small town, and a mansion for the duke to reside within. Below the surface there is a deep aquifer, which is one of the primary methods of getting water as the black saltstone is crumbly and gets into everything. No agriculture exists on the island, and food has to come from compost vats or be traded for.[1]


A fellow called Diggen discovered the 'Rock' as the locals called it, and named it Diggen's Island, a name used primarily by everyone other than the locals. He left the island soon after naming it and never returned.[1]

Some point prior to the Sorceress' defeat, the King put in place a policy to make it illegal for any citizen of Diggen's Point to leave the island. This was necessary as the island was quite inhospitable due to the spores, smog, and salt that made living there so unappealing.[1] A cargo inspector would work on the island to ensure no citizen would manage to sneak upon any ships currently docked, and stowaway for a trip off the island.[2]

After the Sorceress' defeat by Tress and the crew of the Crow's Song, the King issued a new writ alongside the pardons he gave the crew, allowing the citizens of Diggen's Point to be allowed to leave the island. An incentive to get people to still want to go and stay at the Rock was put in place to ensure that everyone did not just leave, as the duke was concerned at first learning the news of what was now allowed for people on his island. A generous payout would be given to anyone who stayed and worked for twenty-years. The payout was good enough that people were coming in droves to get work on the island, and getting a job there was harder than before.[3]



The island has plenty of resources in demand from people elsewhere. Salt is commonly sought after, especially for its use in making spores inert, in the same way silver does.[1] Brick's Ale was commonly desired as it is considered some of the best in the region. Down and feathers from gulls was also traded for, though all goods require a writ of commission from the king to be sold to any ship docking at the island.[2]

Alongside money, people would sometimes trade favors, commonly done by the men on the island. They would infer how they had helped others, and word would spread that they needed something from people. This was seen akin to begging for help though, and was not frequently done in this manner unless help was desperately needed.[4]


The men that frequent Brick's Tavern regularly played darts, though with slightly unusual rules. After discovering that with the way the grain in the wood wall looked above the dartboard, it almost looked like an image of the duke. That meant the two knots in the wood below the dartboard could be interpreted as a certain part of the duke, right above where legs would be, and thus were the real target for the game. A good dart throw would result in winces from any witnesses.[4]

Notable Residents[edit]


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