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Charlie's father
Children Charlie
Relatives Dirk
Profession Duke
Residence Diggen's Point
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea

Charlie's father is the duke of Diggen's Point.[1] He cares little for his son and particularly disapproves of his relationship with Tress.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The duke is a tall man, who stands up straight and dresses in military decor covered in military medals that appear to stick his clothes too him.[2]

The duke is a very grumpy person, regularly found grumbling in his mansion atop of Diggen's Point. He is described as taking his job of yelling a lot very seriously.[1] The one time Tress remembers seeing the duke smile, he was punishing old Lotari for trying to escape the island.[2]


The duke believes Charlie is not fit to be his heir because he is not physically strong, nor is he a war hero. His father even seems to disapprove of his son’s intelligence. After witnessing the close bond between Tress and Charlie, and as a last attempt to make Charlie into a proper heir, the duke takes him off the island to be married to a princess.[3] Charlie loves Tress and does not wish to marry someone else, so he deliberately acts boring when he is around the princesses such that they will not want to marry him. Eventually the duke is so exasperated by Charlie that he sends his son to be married to the Sorceress, assuming this to be certain death. He then promptly replaces Charlie with his nephew, Dirk. The duke is happy with this swap, as Dirk is strong, a war hero, and doesn’t talk very much.[4]

When Tress and Charlie eventually return from the Sorceress’s island, the duke has been left by his wife because she didn’t approve of his getting rid of her son. He is outraged that people are now allowed to leave Diggen's Point, but is powerless to stop the King's writ from taking affect.[5]


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