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Profession Servant
Residence Diggen's Point
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea

He tried so hard, Miss Tress. Oh, you should have seen the young master. He did everything he could to put those women off. He memorized eighty-seven different types of plywood and their uses. He told every princess he met—at length—about his childhood pets. He even talked about religion. I thought they had 'im at the fifth kingdom, as that princess was deaf, but the young master went and threw up on her at dinner.

—Flik, recounting Charlie's efforts to stay single[1]

Flik is a resident of Diggen's Point on Lumar. He is a servant of the island's duke.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Flik is kind and has very large ears. He is somewhat scared of the duke.[1]


Flik joined the duke on the yearlong voyage to attempt to marry Charlie off to a princess. He witnessed Charlie intentionally ruining the chance of being wed by any means necessary, including being very boring, talking about religion, and even vomiting on a princess. At some point, Flik presumably befriended Charlie; before the young heir was forced to sail the Midnight Sea, he trusted Flik with a ceramic cup and asked him to deliver it to Tress. When Flik returned to Diggen's Point with the duke, he secretly gave Tress the pieces of the cup, which had broken at some point. He told Tress about how Charlie avoided getting married, that he was sent to die by trying to marry the Sorceress, and that the Sorceress had captured him.[1]


  • Flik makes a reference to being "beneath Thanasmia's own moon" when one sails the Midnight Sea.[1] He is the only person that has mentioned Thanasmia, and it remains unclear who or what the term refers to.


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