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Whose That Dark One Character?[edit]

[Show/hide] Question 1[edit]

This character is from Mirandus

[Show/hide] Question 2[edit]

This characer has used magic

[Show/hide] Question 3[edit]

This character has wielded a weapon

[Show/hide] Question 4[edit]

This character is technically not dead

[Show/hide] Question 5[edit]

This character has travelled to Earth

Claim to Fame[edit]

Took over editing most of the Dark One stuff, written a fair chunk of it now.


Dark One[edit]

Have an svg of a Dark One logo on my machine, need to upload and add as indicator to Template:Dark_One

See below (216 bytes)

<svg xmlns="" width="512" height="512" stroke="#000" stroke-width="2"><path d="M88 31v165l47 72V31zm67 0v269l52 92V31zm72 0v392l29 52 29-52V31zm78 0v361l52-92V31zm72 0v237l47-72V31z"/></svg>

Stuff without pages

(see also: User:Chaos2651/Dark_One_articles)

Coppermind:Dark One

Way of Kings Prime[edit]

The Way of Kings Prime

Write a short summary, might be nice for people.



Double check what needs finishing.

Books Template[edit]

May or may not need to be added.

  • The Way of Kings Prime
  • A Fire Within the Ways
  • White Sand Omnibus
  • Dark One: Forgotten
  • Secret Projects 1-4 (later obviously)
  • Defiant
  • Untitled SA5 when it gets a name etc.


(See also User:Extremepayne/inconsistencies

  • Perhaps ISBNs should use the same format.
  • Headings for books should be the same, not arbitrarily changing. Aka: "Summary" or "Plot Summary", not both. See User:MrMrDUCK/Book Headings
  • Synopsis could be nice for all.
  • Statistical Analysis - Some things count epigraphs and Ars Arcanum, plus show a nice total at the bottom (e.g. ROW). Others don't (WOK, WOR, OB).


  • Have a breakdown when Dark One Novelization comes out and canon becomes uncertain.

Style Reference[edit]


{{for|pre=This article deals with the in-world title|Dark One (franchise)|the book series}}


{{sidequote |Some quoted text |Person to person about blah{{book ref|do1|1}} |side=left|size=225px }}

Some quoted text

—Person to person about blah{{book ref|do1|1}}

Text here is right of quote, need lots of lines for next header to be below.


== Notes == <references /> {{stub}} {{Dark One}} [[Category:Dark Ones]] [[Category:Magic]]