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Verdant King
Profession King
Residence Kingsport (presumed)
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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The Verdant King is the king of the Emerald Sea and possibly other regions. He is referred to solely as the king by the natives of the Emerald Sea, however Salay (from the Sapphire Sea) does call him the "Verdant King" indicating this is a recognised title.[1] He resides in a palace[2] on the king's island in the Core Archipelago, presumably Kingsport. He is the individual who authorized sending Charlie to the Sorceress.[3]

The king is antagonistic toward the Sorceress and the tariffs she imposes on trade through the Midnight Sea[4], and most of the political actions he is reported to take over the course of the novel are in opposition to her. He sends Charlie to the Sorceress allow the duke's nephew to create an alliance with another kingdom by marriage[3] and commandeers merchant ships into his navy to prepare to fight her.[5]

The king made it law that those living on Diggen's Point could not leave the island,[6] though he changed this law after Tress and the crew of the Crow's Song defeat the Sorceress so that residents are allowed to leave but receive a large stipend for working there for twenty years.[7]

He supposedly employs five King's Masks as assassins to perform important missions.[8]


  • The only individual to refer to him as the 'Verdant King' is Salay, leaving it unclear if his kingdom solely comprises of the Verdant sea or expands beyond it. It is even possible that his control does not extend to the entire sea as Huck is unsurprised to find an island near the border of the sea did not fly the king's flag.[9]
  • A regalthon (a forty-mile race) is held every year on the king's birthday.[8]


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