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Laggart by Marie Seeberger.jpg
Profession Pirate
Homeworld Lumar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Laggart was not a smart man. True, the things he lectured people on could fill a dictionary — but what he actually knew would barely fill a postcard.

Laggart is the first mate and cannonmaster of the Crow's Song on Lumar.[2]

Appearance & Personality[edit]

Laggart was to funny what liquid nitrogen is to a healthy set of lungs.


Laggart is lanky, with wiry muscles and a long, thin neck. He is bald and has scruff on his chin. Hoid mockingly compares his appearance to a buzzard. Laggart wears an unbuttoned military coat and is armed with a sword and two pistols.[3]

Laggart is gruff and mean. As first officer, he saunters and struts around the ship confidently and often rudely tells off the crew for being lazy or doing their jobs incorrectly.[4] He is very obedient to Crow, but not very bright. He prides himself on not being afraid to use the zephyr charges in the cannon, although he is still wary of them.[5]

In his loyalty to Crow, Laggart is willing to use violence against his crew members.[6] Because he has been treated badly for his entire life, and treated other people badly in return, it is difficult for him to recognize genuine kindness.[1]

According to Hoid, after Laggart becomes part of the crew of the Two Cups his personality starts changing for the better.[7]

Attributes & Abilities[edit]

As cannonmaster, Laggart is an excellent shot, and he shoots to sink ships without giving them warning.[8] He is fond of outsourcing work to others and taking credit for it, though he always makes sure to clean the cannons on the Crow's Song himself.[9]

He shows Tress how to use the cannon, proving himself to not be a very good teacher.[5] Later, when he is directing Ann, he is much calmer and more helpful.[10]


Before Tress[edit]

Instead of firing ordinary cannonballs that spray water to grow Verdant aether spores and immobilize enemy ships, he sneakily replaces them with more lethal ones meant to sink the ships. This helps Crow, since pirates that sink ships become deadrunners, which would cement Crow’s control over the crew. He uses the cannonballs to sink the Oot's Dream, and he and Crow leave one man alive to spread the word.[9]

Sailing the Verdant[edit]

When Tress first boards the Crow's Song, Laggart doesn't allow her to eat because he does not see her as part of the crew.[3] Huck spies on one of his secret meetings with Crow, in which she tells him that the man they had left alive had died of unidentified wounds, so they would have to sink another ship to ensure that the world knew that they were deadrunners.[9]

Armed with this knowledge, Tress replaces Laggart's secret cannonballs with ordinary ones.[11] He uses one of them on a different ship, and Crow tells him off. Unfortunately, the seethe stops just as the Crow's Song reaches the ship, and they send a cannonball through the prow of the Crow's Song.[12] Crow manages to salvage the situation by threatening the captain of the other ship.[13]

Laggart doesn't know that Crow wants to sacrifice Tress to Xisisrefliel. Tress suspects that Crow considers him a backup sacrifice, given that he's not as afraid of spores as the rest of the crew. Thus, he "teaches" Tress to fire the ship's cannons just before they set sail on the Crimson Sea.[5]

Sailing the Crimson[edit]

Just before they reach Xisis's lair, Tress, Ann, Salay, and Fort decide to mutiny against Crow.[14] However, she was listening in on their meeting, and sends Laggart to apprehend them. He shoots Salay in the leg, forcing the four of them to the upper deck. Crow tells them that if they can kill Laggart, she'll let them go; Ann shoots at him, but misses. Crow captures the mutineers, and tells Laggart to kill one of Ann, Salay, and Fort if her and Tress don't come back from Xisis's lair within an hour.[6]

After Tress comes back from Xisis's lair and becomes captain, she lets Laggart stay on board the Crow's Song. Laggart is distrustful of her and is convinced that she plans to kill him as soon as he drops his guard. He demands that she get on with it, but Tress tells him that she doesn't want him dead. This makes him realize that, contrary to what he thought, people could be kind and genuine.[1] This sets him on the path to becoming a kinder, more genuine person himself.[7]

Laggart helps rescue Tress from the Sorceress's tower by directing Ann as she shoots at the metal golems.[10]

When Tress sells the Crow's Song, Laggart comes with her to the Two Cups. He starts a bar fight at one of the ports he stops at, landing him in the brig.[7]


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