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Luhel bond
Related to Aether spores, Aether
World of Origin Lumar
Universe Cosmere
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I assume you have no idea what a Luhel bond is. Don't feel bad.


The Luhel bond is a connection typically formed between a human and an aether.[1] While it can be symbiotic or parasitic, it is defined by the person giving up physical matter, typically water, in exchange for the ability to manipulate the bonded aether.[1][2]

Mechanics of the Bond[edit]


Aethers bond with individuals that are capable of giving them water, although exactly how they choose a person differs between different aethers. The Lumaran Midnight aether bonds with anyone in proximity to their spores and who agrees to give them water, actively searching for beings to bond to.[1][3] With other Lumaran aethers, they simply choose an individual, forcibly, to be a Spore eater, which differentiates a Luhel bond from the Nahel bond, which requires volition;[4][5] the prime aethers choose their aetherbound based on unknown criteria. Aethers could develop symbiotic relationships with animals similar to the ones spren on Roshar develop.[6]

Once the bond is formed, they are capable of granting water to the aether through an unknown process, and in the case of Lumaran Midnight aether, and the Primal Aethers, this gives a measure of control over them.[4][1][7]

It is not known if this bond has levels of progression like the Nahel bond, but the bond can, at least in specific circumstances, be strengthen through imbibing more water and giving more to the aether.[1]


It is possible to break at least some forms of Luhel bond via a silver knife.[8] The Lumaran Midnight aether is also able to break its bond to link with a new host.[8][9][3]

Different forms of aether[edit]

Lumaran aether[edit]

On Lumar, the only known bondable form of spore aether is the Midnight aether, also known as Midnight Essence.[1] After forming a Luhel bond with Midnight Essence, the human begins to feel an overwhelming thirst as water is extracted from their body, and in return gains control over the creature formed from the Midnight Essence.[1] The amount of water drained is proportional to the amount of direct control the human has over the essence creature.[9] Uniquely, the bond between some who form a Luhel bond with Midnight Essence is visible in the form of black lines, and the connection can be severed using a silver knife.[8]

An additional likely manifestation of the Luhel bond is the spore eater condition, though whether spore eaters truly utilize the Luhel bond is unknown. Spore eaters are connected directly to a prime aether on one of Lumar's moons, and exchange a large and eventually fatal amount of water for protection by the prime aether.[4] This protection is granted through the related substance protecting the spore eater from any force that would break their skin.[10] Due to the seeming inability for the spore eater to manipulate these substances for any other purpose, it is likely driven by the spore eater's prime aether more directly.

Core aethers[edit]

As the Luhel bond is referred to by Hoid as the manner in which aethers typically function, it is likely integral in the function of the aetherbound.[1] Indeed, known aetherbound are shown to exchange water with their bonded primal aether for the manipulation of aether.[7] Additionally, there is some form of psychic communication available between aetherbound and their bonded primal aether through this connection.[11]


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