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Type Geographical feature
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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A great shimmering fountain of colorful motes, vibrant and exceedingly dangerous.


A Lunagree is a location above each of the 12 seas of Lumar where aether spores pour down from one of the planet's geostationary moons.[1]

Sailors on Lumar generally stay clear of Lunagrees, owing to the danger of getting close to airborne spores.[1]


As the locations where aether spores rain down into Lumar's seas, they are bright and colorful.[1] Below a lunagree, the sea is at a higher elevation than elsewhere - crews sailing ships close to one find their vessel at an incline as they near a lunagree.[2]


Verdant Lunagree[edit]

The Verdant Lunagree is located close to Diggen's Point in the Emerald Sea, visible from it between fifty and sixty miles away.[1]

Crimson Lunagree[edit]

While sailing the Crimson Sea, Hoid describes the Crimson Lunagree as "like a lava flow". Under the curse of the Sorceress, he also suggests that it looks like the moon is throwing up.[3] Xisis's lair can be found close to the Crimson Lunagree, though an exact location nearby is not needed and just being close is enough to get a meeting with him.[2][4]


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