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Died [1]
Profession Sprouter
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Weev was a former officer on the Crow's Song, a ship that sails the planet Lumar. He served as the ship's sprouter before being murdered by Crow for opposing her desire to make the crew pirates.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

A crewmember (Doug) from the Crow's Song describes Weev as a nice guy who was terrible at bluffing and playing cards.[1] He was the only one to argue against piracy, and didn't deserve getting murdered.[1] Hoid acknowledges that Weev was a cunning fellow up until he argued with Crow.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

I'd have called him crazier than a nitroglycerin smoothie.

—Hoid describing Weev[3]

Weev was a sprouter and often used and experimented with aether spores. All sprouters are viewed as crazy, but Weev was crazier than the rest.[3]

Before he died, Weev likely did the majority of the cooking for the crew of the Crow's Song.[4]


Weev had a room on the Crow's Song with a bed, mirror, and running water, but no silver to allow for experiments with spores. Though it was larger than other officer's rooms,[5] it remained unclaimed until Tress took his job as a sprouter.[2] While he did use the running water for spore experiments, it was also an excuse to take baths at his leisure.[2]

He collected several different types of spores, including zephyr, rose, verdant, sunlight, and midnight spores.[2][3] He acquired the midnight spores from Hoid.[6] In his profession, Weev was considered a purist and preferred classical tools over modern ones.[7] His tools for patching holes in the ship included a small iron plate and a steel trowel.[7] Over the course of his experiments, he compiled a considerable collection of notes detailing his results and knowledge, but they were not very organized.[8][4] He was a mental hoarder, and had a tendency to write down random thoughts and half-finished ideas.[4] Crow wanted him to figure out how to make cannonballs himself to save money, but he never succeeded.[4]

During Crow's quest to heal herself, she had secret meetings with Weev to help her locate Xisisrefliel.[9] According to Crow's notes, these ended when he turned to blackmail and Crow threw him off the ship.[9]


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