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Spouse Ulba
Children Tress
Profession Miner (formerly)
Residence Diggen's Point
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Tress of the Emerald Sea
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Lem was the human equivalent of a deep, pure well, always full of water when you needed it. He’d offer what you needed and ask nothing in return.


Lem is a citizen of Diggen's Point on Lumar. He is Tress' father.[2]


Lem, had never recovered from an accident in the mines, and though he tried to assist the family, he could barely walk. He helped Tress’s mother, Ulba, knit socks all day, which they sold to sailors, but with the expense of yarn they turned only a meager profit.[2]

Lem approved that Tress goes to save Charlie from the Sorceress, he even plans how she would escape Diggin's Point. So, he goes to an inn an talks to a few of his friends that he'd once helped before. Once Rod was drunk that Lem walked him home, and another Jule lost his roof during a windstorm, and Lem helped him repair it. There were dozen other incedents that Lem one way or another helped them with. While Lem usually never asks for a debt to be repaid, helping Tress was so important to him that he hinted to them that he needs their help. They all agreed to help him with his plan.[1] He is very good at playing darts.[1]

Lem and Ulba join Tress on the Two Cups following the king's declaration that the citizens of Diggen's Point are permitted to leave.[3]


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