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Region Emerald Sea
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere

Kingsport is a city presumably in the Emerald Sea on Lumar;[1] it is also presumably the residence of the Verdant King, and as such is located on the Core Archipelago.[2] Reports about possible deadrunners are sent to the port,[1] which is located far from Shimmerbay.[3]

Charlie claimed that there was constant war at the port, to the extent that gardeners must be trained in the art of warfare; however, it is likely that this was merely another of his stories.[4] After Charlie's disappearance, Tress planned to go to Kingsport to plead that the king pay Charlie's ransom. When she had the opportunity to do so, however, she instead remained with the crew of the Crow's Song.[5][3]

Crow had news via a raven from a contact in Kingsport that the remnants of the Oot's Dream had been found, but that there were no survivors, just the corpse of the one man that Crow had left alive.[1]


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