Sapphire Sea

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Sapphire Sea
Type Ocean
World Lumar
Universe Cosmere

The Sapphire Sea, also known as the Zephyr Sea, is an ocean on Lumar.


Like all oceans on Lumar the Sapphire Sea is made out of aether spores, in particular the zephyr spores which release air when exposed to water.[1] Due to its spore type is is considered one of the safer oceans to travel through, and it is inhabited by various people. Like all seas on Lumar, it is pentagonal in shape.[2]

It borders either the Emerald Sea, Rose Sea, or both, along with another three or four unnamed seas.[3][4]


The Sapphire Sea is one of the inhabited seas on Lumar. Its culture is largely unknown, however it appears to be a distinct entity from the nation that the Verdant King rules as natives of the sea feel the need to specify him as king of the Verdant Sea.[5] Like most of Lumar, most of its civilisation exists on a series of islands, many of which are unusually large by Lumaran standards.[6][7] On these islands exists a city that serves as a capital of the Sea as well as the Islands of Lobu.[8] The civilization of these islands favours hunting as a source of pride.[1][9] Elsewhere the Zephyr islands are famed for their production of pottery.[10]


Inhabitants of the Sapphire Sea[edit]


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